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The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 9/18

It almost makes me cringe to think that there will be a class in high school, not college, where cat videos are discussed in a anthropological context. That’s why The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos comes out every week to show that there are still plenty of really hilarious things on the Internet that can be laughed at because they’re were intended that way, like officiated shouting matches, religious cops, and more.

1. Bill Burr gave a walking tour of Hampton Beach, NH/riffed off the walking examples of American excesses.

2. On last week’s Chris Gethard Show, the best example of controlled chaos, Gethard attempted to impress party king Andrew WK by having some of the most absurd party games ever conceived, including a regulated scream fight.

3. The always dapper and witty Dave Hill covered Fashion Week for YouTube’s Official Comedy by slinging some of the sharpest fashion jokes to date, many of which the models didn’t get.

4. There’s Good Cop, Bad Cop. Then, there’s Amish Cop, Hasidic Cop with Mark Normand and Matt Ruby. You don’t want to meet either in a dark alley.

5. There is no video evidence of the claim that the Church of Scientology held auditions for celebrity follower Tom Cruise’s wife. Still, there is video of Conan holding auditions for his wife under the umbrella of, I guess, the Church of Coco?


Per usual, I’m taking submissions for the 5 MIFV like the two above. Same rules still apply.
-E-mail embeddable video link to [email protected] with subject line “5 MIFV Submission”
-Submit by the end of the upcoming Monday (which would be 9/24)
-Videos must be posted online (i.e. have a time stamp that says so) between now 9/18 and the end of Monday 9/25
-Don’t add any cover letters or explanations; please just send the link.

Giraffes Barely Sleep, and When They do, it's on Their Butts

Giraffes Barely Sleep, and When They do, it's on Their Butts

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Schlock & Awe: Chuck Norris in INVASION U.S.A.


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  1. Lee says:

    Love the Chris Gethard Show! Strangest, funnest show ever!!!

    Also Bill Burr is mind blowingly hilarious at all times. (also his new special on netflix is great!)

  2. Dylan says:

    :O Another person that watches The Chris Gethard Show… we are a breed of few.