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Doctor Who “The Snowmen” Review [SPOILERS]

Ah, the annual Doctor Who Christmas special; my favorite holiday tradition. And being with family and stuff too, sure. This year’s special, “The Snowmen,” brought us a mixture of very old, kind of old, relatively new, and very new, all within a very entertaining and intriguing hour-long adventure. Unlike either of the previous two Matt Smith/Steven Moffat Christmas specials, this one directly impacts the continuity of the series, likely because it’s in the middle of one. It saw the return of some great characters that I was very happy to see again and had an “iconic” villain or two, whatever that might mean. It also had snow creatures with big, sharp teeth that make little brothers afraid and have to leave the room (I’m assuming that holds true for everybody, right?) and a dead, terrifying governess made out of ice. All in all, a really great return that made me really excited to then have to wait four more months until it comes back…

When we meet the Doctor this time (as with the prequels we’ve seen), he’s in London, circa 1892, living a hermit-like existence, more or less removed from society, only casually helping The Great Detective (and inspiration for Sherlock Holmes!) herself, Madame Vastra, her faithful assistant/wife Jenny, and the somehow-alive Sontaran Strax, who provides much of the comic relief in the episode. These characters, as you may remember, all appeared in Series 6’s “A Good Man Goes to War” as part of the Doctor’s army. I really love these characters and am very pleased to see them back, and judging by the “Coming Soon” trailer for the rest of the series, we haven’t seen the last of them. If there’s one thing at which Steven Moffat excels, it’s creating compelling secondary characters to be the allies of the Doctor. Lest we forget, he created River Song and, if not created, was the first person to write Captain Jack. I’m not the first to say this, nor will I be the last, but if they wanted to make a Vastra & Company show, I’d absolutely watch it.

The enemy in this story is Dr. Simeon, played by Richard E. Grant, who as a child became the play thing of the Great Intelligence, an enemy whom the Doctor has not faced since he was in his Second iteration back in the ‘60s. I love all the references to the Classic Series we’re getting this year. Might it be due to the 50th anniversary? I wouldn’t bet against it. And who better to voice the Great Intelligence than Gandalf Magneto, aka Sir Ian McKellen? Grant and McKellen are excellent choices, and they’re good enough actors to make do with what is probably the least fleshed-out part of the script. Essentially, the Great Intelligence is using the minds of people to manifest the chompy alien snow as carnivorous beasts. What it really needs, though, is a completely icy person to help it take human form. Luckily for it, the former governess of a rich man’s children drowned in the house’s pond. Luckily for the world, the rich man’s children have a new governess.

This brings us to Clara, a/k/a Miss Montague, aka Clara Oswin Oswald, aka Soufflé Girl, played again by Jenna-Louise Coleman, the tavern wench SLASH prim and proper governess. I don’t think I’ve liked a companion this immediately in… ever. She’s absolutely fantastic. I thought I liked her in “Asylum of the Daleks,” but this absolutely solidified it. Like most of Moffat’s women, she’s savvy and smart and capable, which is great. We don’t need any shrieking whiners. I was very curious how it would be explained how a girl in the future who was inside a Dalek (who died) would be related to a girl in Victorian times. A few people thought that, like River Song, we saw the end of the character’s life and her time with the Doctor would be earlier in her life. I thought this seemed too easy, and too done-already. My theory was that “Clara” would be some ancestor of “Oswin” who just happens to look exactly the same. We both were wrong; leave it to the Moff to come up with a character who’s even more mysterious than Amelia Pond. Turns out, she’s somehow recurring throughout history and has twice died helping the Doctor. So very interesting. Her scene with Vastra is really great, too.

Matt Smith again proves himself to be my favorite Doctor. I loved seeing him sulking around, trying his hardest not to get involved, and slowly but surely reigniting his interest through a new companion. He goes out of his way not to wear a bow tie, not to engage with people, not to be the Doctor, but his gradual re-Doctoring was just dandy. He has this amazing ability to be at once youthful and a thousand years old, and you can see all of it here. At the beginning of the episode, he’s as old-acting as we’ve ever seen him, and as he regains his lust for adventuring, he seems suddenly younger. It’s an amazing feat. The new TARDIS interior is slick and cool and reflects the way the show’s been going this year.

There’s a lot more to “The Snowmen” that a second or third viewing will undoubtedly awaken in my brain, but having only seen it once, amid the noise of family, I found it completely agreeable. Much more engaging than last year’s “The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe,” it continues the Series 7 tradition of being pretty much awesome. The Clara-Oswin storyline is really something I’m looking forward to uncovering. Until then I’ll probably watch “The Snowmen” a bunch more times. Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I have ham to eat.

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  3. DrRev says:

    My daughter calls all the current, cheap endings “Deus ex Moffeta”

  4. MEC says:

    I love Clara! I hope she does not wind up like River Song obsessed with The Doctor. There is a wonderful chemistry between Clara and The Doctor and it seems he’s pretty gaga over her. I enjoyed this episode and Matt Smith is making the character of the Doctor his own with hints of Hartnell and Tom Baker in his performance. He and Jenna-Louise Coleman gel together very well something I haven’t seen since Tom Baker’s Doctor and Lalla Ward’s Romana. I do hope the writers take advantage of this partnership and write solid stories and not get so caught up with the timey whimey stuff. Its so over used already. Get back to basics of adventures in time and space.

  5. Gewalk says:

    I’ve never been one for the upcoming season clips but this season looks interesting. I’d actually like to see more in between episode bits to help flesh out the Dr’s emotional state and background. Going from depressed to manic in one episode felt a bit forced given his earlier loss of Amy Pond. Recovery is difficulty but recovery in 60 mins for a holiday special is understandable and necessary but messy. It seems expedience overpowers some story and sensibility. It would be very interesting to see how his former relationships influenced his new ones. The Doctor is empathetic and feels each loss.

    I’m still disappointed in the last Pond episode and how the Ponds and Brian were handled. Hopefully a better job can be done with this character.

  6. Shelly says:

    “Why is the Doctor so comfortable with making people lose their memories?”

    The Doctor didn’t make Dr. Simeon lose his memories. He gave him a choice. If Simeon had decided not to continue, he wouldn’t have opened the box and wouldn’t have lost his memories.

    As for Clara, someone already pointed out that his intention was to have her lose short term memory for her own protection — not that unlike, but less severe than with Donna Noble.

  7. GG says:

    This episode is the first time I have actually enjoyed watching an episode with the 11th Doctor.
    I stopped watching Doctor Who when Matt Smith arrived, as I just could not stand his incredibly inconsistent characterization of this Iconic character. It was only in re-runs two years later that I decided to “catch up”. It infuriates me that so many people associate inconsistency with great acting or being cleaver. Folks go on about him ‘maturing’ and growing and associating this with character development, when really it is just M.Smith becoming more confident and self assured that he has “fans”. What made Tom Baker so popular was that he was consistent from the start. Matt Smith is all over the place, and people just keep making excuses for him, falling back on Moffat’s complex stories to justify and prop up his juvenile attempts at portraying a complex character that is centuries old with a massive back story. As for Moffat, I can’t stand how he likes to be drawn out and convoluted for the sake of it, falling back on twists upon twists in order to come to a speedy resolution at the end that really makes no sense once you break it all down. People think this is “brilliant” because they never saw it coming, but really it is just a cheap parlor trick that Moffat has made tiresome. He is far more effective when he keeps the story simple, like this Christmas episode.
    I have been a long time follower of the series and I believe that people love RTD so much, because there was enormous pressure on him to bring the series back without it being a flop, and he succeeded from the get go, as well as create spin off shows like Torchwood and Sarah Jane adventures that were just as fantastic. RTD was committed to the “character” and “continuity” of the Doctor and the universe the series had spawned. Because of this RTD will forever be a legend in many people’s eyes. Moffat on the other hand is an egotistical beast that definitely needs someone to rein him in and keep him in check. Moffat has won so many awards for “cleaver” writing, that that is all he can think about – “look how tricky I can be”; Look at how important I am; I quit writing for Steven Spielberg to take on Doctor who; Look at how much power I have – I can permanently kill the doctor then say it was all a lie and I can do the same thing for his companions, many times over… Such a wank.
    So why did I enjoy this Christmas episode? It was a bitter sweet enjoyment.
    Firstly, it did not have the ponds in it. They were interesting enough to begin with, but in the end they suffered from Moffat over kill. Secondly, it was superbly cast with nods to the classic series with a simple story line and loads of atmosphere, but mainly because the Doctor had less screen time than usual and the story allowed Jenna-Louise to “steal the show”. I think Oswin Oswald may become an anagram (rearrange the letters) = I WAS OLD SNOW.
    There is an obvious divide between Moffat and RTD, regardless of all the political niceties they say about each other in public; Steven Moffat is homophobic and has cunningly inserted Madame Vastra into this series as an attempt to conceal his trait. A straight man’s lesbian fantasy does not hide the truth. He has completely distanced himself from everything RTD did and the show’s original continuity; No more Captain Jack, no more Torchwood references and no running into any companions from the past. Moffat created his own unique universe, embellishing his own creations like River Song and the weeping angels and destroying everything else as a monument to himself.
    Just like Matt Smith, Moffat is inconsistent and is only focused on himself; offering up far less great stories that strengthen the “WHO” universe than those that came before him.
    So, Mr. Moffat: Run you cleaver boy, and remember – your time is running out!

  8. @Nikki It would have been really difficult to develop that back story in the context of Doctor Who. That would have been a challenge given that there were only 4 episodes left of the Ponds. Amy did change. She became more “motherly” towards the Doctor. Everyone handles loss of that magnitude differently. There could be a whole new series about the Ponds. (Much like the Sarah Jane Adventures.)

    I loved watching Karen Gillian grow as an actress. I loved watching both the character of Amy and 11 grow into their roles together. It was always about the two of them. Rory became Amy’s grounding to the Earth. As much as you’d want to, you can’t run with the Doctor forever. Ultimately she choose an ordinary life with Rory over running with the Doctor. This is why it was so painful to watch the Doctor break down.

    But this is about the special. I loved it. Maybe I did because I am completely charmed by Jenna-Louise Coleman. I love the companion that she is turning out to be. She’s a firecracker in a way the previous companions haven’t been. I loved it when she said “It is smaller on the outside.” Brilliant!

    What makes Doctor Who so great is the way it constantly changes and evolves over time. It gives us passionate fans something to politely debate.

  9. Nikki, in response says:

    Let me restate this. I’m not an RTD fanatic, but I preferred his ability to spin the show to Moffat’s because he actually made attempts to not retcon parts of the show’s history (or blatantly call someone/something stupid, as Moffat has — see his comments on David Tennant’s Doctor).

    If it appears that I’m slamming “every single detail” of the show, then perhaps it’s because this episode was nothing short of fluff. The story didn’t exist at all. It was to show off Clara, which I would’ve been fine with if they hadn’t tried to put in a story about intelligent snow that can become murderous snowmen (which would’ve been awesome had they actually used it as something more than just a backdrop). The entire thing made no sense and was just ridiculous. That’s all.

    Moffat does make weak female characters, and it seems like Clara is a direct result of the complaints. His original creation of River Song (back in the Library episodes) was strong, courageous and sacrificing. She was a good person, and she did what she wanted. There were some times where she was willing to follow what the Doctor said because she didn’t have the answer, but she was willing to step forward and speak out against him. I can honestly say that I love that River Song. I still loved her when he took over because she was feisty. And then he just smashed her amazing character into someone who was obsessed with only the Doctor (which she hadn’t been before — it had been the allure in danger and redeeming herself for what was once an unknown reason).

    Amy is quite weak. I do disagree with Lonely Assassin here in that I absolutely love Karen, and I feel her acting is actually pretty good. There are so many things wrong with her that it’s insane. First, she has no back story. Seriously, try telling her history without ever mentioning the Doctor, Rory or River Melody Song Pond. There is nothing. She has no life, nothing that keeps her attached to the world. Compare that to Rose, Martha (I’m not a fan of her, either) and Donna. They all had families, regardless of size. They had histories, they had people who cared. They were actually characters. Amy? She’s blank. She has nothing. Even when she DOES get her family back, she still has nothing. The only person connected to the world is Rory, and we don’t even see that connection until they bring his father in (during Dinosaurs on a Spaceship).

    Amy’s other major problem is that (aside from the lack of clues this ever was happening during the show) she goes through a massively traumatic experience. She’s kidnapped and forced to give her child up, but she barely changes at all. We saw next to no change in her character aside from a little bit of confusion and sadness. Then, in the next series, we see her and Rory have broken up (with very little done during Pond Life). The only way to show anything had an effect on her was to break up their marriage and then put them back together? No. This is just poor execution.

  10. RG says:

    Actually, as a fairly neutral party, you guys ripping Nikki a new one are a bit overly defensive and putting words in her mouth.

    First: she didn’t say that she didn’t LIKE River Song. She was referring to the revelation about her character’s origin. You gotta admit it was a stretch.

    Second: Moffatt used to write weak female characters on OTHER SHOWS, trashy sitcoms and such. Amy Pond and River Song were making up for that mistake.

    Relax, guys.

  11. Kathy says:

    Loved the episode! Doctor Eleven is fast becoming My Doctor! Vastra is awesome, and Clara/Oswin is tremendous!

    Long live Doctor Eleven!

  12. Ray Adamson says:

    Curious about whether there may be some direct link between Amy and Clara/Oswin because The Doctor advised Amy to make sure the Daleks remember her before she was infected with the nano virus on the asylum.Suspicious that Oswin had access to her memories through the Dalek web mind before she died.It looks to me like some kind of plan.Kind of exciting.loving the return of the Great Intelligence.

  13. John R Rybock says:

    I have to say, I didn’t know how they could make a companion as great as I felt Amy Pond was with The Doctor. But once again, it seems Moffat is smarter than me – he doesn’t just try to make the character as good a match as Amy, but creates a fascinating mystery around her to build up her mystique. I’ve been trying to piece together what that might be, and there are so many ways to go, but my first theory – she is what people needs, throughout the universe. Both times, and both deaths, with The Doctor, she was what was needed, both to get him out of the Asylum and clear his history with them, and in the later (former in a time-stream perspective?), to get him up and going again.
    For others, she seemed to be something the Daleks needed in “Asylum” – they assimilated rather than eradicated her (though I have to go back and rewatch that one, which this Christmas Ep definitely requires me to do). The kids needed her for comfort. And the Captain needed her, and her death, to push him to his children. Hell, even the barkeep needed her for a bit.
    Just an early thought. Given that some felt she seemed “too” perfect a companion for the Doctor, that there was the line that the Universe owed him one by now, there might be something a little more cosmic behind our new Companion.
    (And not to alienate anyone, but for the idea that it would be great for a Victorian Companion, I understand the idea, but the constant wonderment at technology that is everyday for us could not play very long before they seemed quite dense. A modern companion who isn’t strayed by a freakout over a cell phone but rather by some teleportation device, is a better route to go, imho).

  14. Christian F says:

    You know, if you overly bitter people could nitpick just a couple of things (I also agree that the “doctor who” thing gets a bit much sometimes) instead of slamming every single detail of the whole episode, it might make your opinions seem more valid. Instead, it just comes off sounding like a desperately rejected person criticizing someone’s new lover.

    No, I didn’t like everything about the episode- i.e., explaining it away as saying that the great intelligence was just snow reflecting memories, yes, that bugged me. But hating EVERYTHING?

    Moffat doesn’t like weak females, he’s created incredibly strong ones: River & Amy. And now Clara. I could go on further, but would it matter? Would you liste at all?

    Can’t you people get over the fact that RTD moved on? Can’t you people realize that he chose to leave? He wasn’t ousted by Moffat, nor the BBC. Nor did Moffat axe David Tennant. They both CHOSE by their own free will to leave.

    Have any of you RTD fans even tried to see what he thinks about the new series? He went down as saying that he loves it, and he’s really excited to see where it goes. And I am excited to see that too.

  15. Scott S says:

    Didn’t the spiral staircase start out going clockwise, then come out counter-clockwise at the clouds?

    I’m also very tired of people in the show saying , “Doctor who?”

    How can Vastra say the Doctor has stopped saving the world? Hasn’t he saved it before this time, and after this time, in other regenerations? Just because he’s sulking now doesn’t mean that, say, a Fifth Doctor episode isn’t going to take place in a couple of years, when he saves the world while he’s still sulking in the clouds. He’s a time traveller who’s been around a while, saving one planet most of the time.

  16. Andrew says:

    Will the Russell T. Davies fans never get over the fact he left or 20 years on will we still have to be reading about how his run was the best? Give it a rest guys. If you love him that much I hear has a new show coming out. Something about wizards versus aliens. *snickers*

  17. Lonely Assassin says:

    @ Nikki: You’re not the only one wishing someone could take a red pen to all of Moffat’s episodes.

    As a contributing writer to the series, Moffat was hands down the BEST thing ever to come along. The 4 stories he penned for seasons 1-4 remain solidly in the top 15 stories of over 250 DOCTOR WHO stories: BLINK being solidly ranked # 1.

    Alas, as series lead writer and director Moffat has dissaponted on so many levels. Quite apart from the overly (and needlessly) convoluted story arcs and ridiculous premises like Rory dying over and over like Kenny from South Park (I’m looking at you Steven Noreyko), Moffat committed the egregious sin of casting a pouty-faced companion that couldn’t challenge the Doctor on some of his actions. And Karen couldn’t act for beans (the exception, of course, being her standout performance in THE GIRL WHO WAITED). Thank God that Arthur Darvill signed on full time: he can act circles around Smith and Gillan.

    And this business with saying “Doctor who?” has gone WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overboard. It worked on November 23rd, 1963 when Ian Chesterson said “…Doctor Foreman” and the Doctor countered with “Eh? Doctor who? What’s he going on about?”.

    It worked when Rose said it in THE EMPTY CHILD “What was I supposed to tell him? Don’t you get sick of everome calling you Doctor? Doctor who?” To which the Doctor says “900 years on, I’m coping!”

    But when Madame de Pompadour says it, the sound of the title in the dialogue of the show begins to ring false…and it started pushing the show in the wrong direction. True, it was slow at first, but now with “Doctor who?” being said nearly every other episode (and structuring season six around it “The question in plain view which must never be asked”), the show has fallen sickeningly into fan-wank territory.

    Quite honestly, I don’t see the purpose of dynamic dialogue anymore in Moffat’s shows.

    Everyone should just interact like this:

    “Doctor who?”

    “Oh yes, Doctor Who!”

    “Oh, but Doctor who Doctor who Doctor who. Doctor who Doctor who. Doctor Doctor Doctor who.”

    “Hmmm. Yes, I see your Doctor who. Could it be that Doctor who Doctor who Doctor who doctor who?”

    “Doctor who!! How dare you Doctor who the Doctor who?”

    “Well, I didn’t mean to Doctor who.”

    “Doctor who is the Doctor who….and Doctor who will never Doctor the Doctor who until you Doctor who the Doctor who!”

    “Oh my Doctor who! You’re absolutely Doctor who. How can I ever Doctor who myself?”

    “Fret not my Doctor who. I’m sure Doctor who will Doctor who the Doctor who. The Doctor who will Doctor who the Doctor who’s and the universe will Doctor who again and the Doctor who’s can Doctor who in peace and harmony again.”

  18. Rob from Oz says:

    Actually, change my favourite part time companion to River Song, but only just! (love you too Captain Jack!)

  19. Phil says:

    This dr.who Christmas special was amazing! Matt smith is not my favorite doctor….but he was amazing along with Clara. Very excited for the new season and hopefully Moffat will write more eps.

  20. @nikki says:

    The whole memory thing plays PRECISELY into the characterization of the Doctor. You said it yourself: the Doctor erased Donna’s memory to SAVE HER LIFE. And what was it that Vastra said? “He suffered losses.” The Doctor takes responsibility for all those lives he lost, which is precisely why he wanted to erase Clara’s memory. He wanted to make sure that he doesn’t put her life in danger. Ironically, what happens to her? She dies. Because she followed him and got involved. That, in my opinion, was the brilliance of him giving her the key to the Tardis and then having her fall immediately afterward. It emphasized that, for every companion’s life he changed, he also ruined one.

    As far as Moffat not resolving the issue of Clara–that was the whole point. It creates intrigue for the rest of the series.

    As far as not liking River Song, well, that’s just your problem. I love her, I don’t see her as “weak,” in any way.

    And what on earth do you expect from a Doctor Who Christmas Special, if not for an ending relating to human emotion? The whole point of the series (even during RTD era and before) centers around the beauty of humanity: flaws and all. If you can’t appreciate that, well, I really don’t know why you’re still watching.

  21. nikki says:

    I must be one of the few people who is sitting here and silently screaming that someone needs to take the Red Pen to all of Moffat episodes. He was so good when RTD had control of the series, and now he’s just becoming a one-trick pony; it makes me a little sad because I know that he’s better than this.

    I know writing and creating is difficult because you can’t make everyone happy, but I just feel a little sad about the things he does. Why is the Doctor so comfortable with making people lose their memories? It’s not a part of the characterisation, even if you’re pushing him to seem like a loose cannon; he wouldn’t do it because one of his companions (who he’s generally always close to) had her memory erased for the sake of her life, and it’s not something to be done lightly.

    And why even bother having Richard E. Grant if you’re not going to make proper use of him? The story about the Snowmen could’ve been so awesome, and instead it was about 5 minutes of the entire 55 minute episode; I felt so jilted because, at the end, it turned into “Man loses memory, Intelligent Snow takes over his body, but it starts mirroring a group of people who are crying.” Seriously, they may as well have not had something to “save the universe” from at all; it was all about Soufflé Girl (who I rather like, but I will scream if she turns into another River Song revelation — that was disgusting).

    At least he’s sort of recoiled from the mistakes he’s been called out on, like really weak female characters. But he’s still insisting on putting a bunch of things in his episode that he thinks are just Really Cool and not explaining them at all.

  22. Nora says:

    I kind of wish she’d stayed Victorian, too. But maybe she’s reoccurred in even earlier timelines, and will sign on as a cave-girl companion à la Leela (try saying that ten times fast. A la Leela à la Leela à la Leela à la peanutbutter… darnit).

    Best part-time companion? The Brigadier (followed by Sgt Benton, Harry Sullivan, and the rest of UNIT). Hands freaking down.

  23. Dean says:

    I started to wonder one thing. How much time have passed since the events of the last episode and this one? How long was the Doctor grieving the loss of the Ponds? We have a new TARDIS without regeneration and there is a moment when he says something on the line “I’ve been doing this for more then a thousand years” while he was always 900 (and something) years old. Did I get it all wrong?

    Also I’m head over heels with Oswin 😀

  24. Brett says:

    Thought Moffat’s writing in this episode was one of his smartest ever. The one word interrogation ending in POND – brilliant. It’s getting cooler – bow ties are… ditto!! Just hope River doesn’t find out about that kiss! Can’t wait for the rest of season 7.

  25. Jim says:

    I think part of the reasoning behind having the Doctor’s companions being contemporary is a) they act as an audience proxy, and b) they have enough cultural exposure to science / science fiction to be able to grasp what’s going on with the Doctor, but not so advanced as to be jaded by the experience.

  26. stefano says:

    I really loved this Christmas special, I laugh a lot and I adore Clara. I liked her in The asylum of the dalek but my attention in that episode was focus on Amy e Rory dynamic, in Snowmen she is absolutely brilliant and funny and gorgeous.

    ps: par-time companion? River, her story fascinates me, and now I can’t wait to see what will happen when she ‘ll meet Clara.

  27. Erin says:

    Just watched it. Haven’t had this feeling after watching Doctor Who since some of Tennant’s episodes. Can’t wait for the rest of the season. Clara/Oswin is definitely a welcome change from the Ponds. Hats off to Moffat!

  28. Rachel says:

    Loved that priceless scene when The Doctor tried to be Sherlock Holms and I very much agree the scene btwn Madame Vastra and Clara was excellent.

    btw: best part-time companion for me is still River Song. (even though I truly enjoy matt and Jenna’s onscreen chemistry)

  29. Alyx says:

    Captain Jack is definitely a favorite!!!!

  30. Rob from Oz says:

    QUESTION FOR EVERYONE: Who is/are your favourite ‘PART-TIME’ COMPANION/S?

    (For example, characters such as Captain Jack, Craig Owens, Mickey Smith, River Song, Wilfred Mott)

  31. Lee says:

    I agree with levelledup. Having a companion who’s not from our time could have been a pretty fun idea but great episode nonetheless.

  32. CatC says:

    I loved this special! This “new” Doctor has matured after losing the Ponds- he’s less manic! I really love the dynamic between him and Clara! I think this might become my favorite doctor/companion relationship since the 10th doctor and Rose!

  33. CatC says:

    I loved this special! This “new” Doctor has matured after losing the Ponds- he’s less manic! I really love the dynamic between him and Clara! I think this might become my favorite doctor/companion relationship dince the 10th doctor and Rose!

  34. LevelledUp says:

    I was so disappointed they killed her off. Having a Victorian era companion would have been such a fun change for the show.

  35. So does Clara become the new Rory (Kenny) and she will die in every episode?

  36. Vonnie says:

    Also on board with a spin off. I was hesitant on Oswin in AotD because I thought the spunky, flirty, companion had been done to death already (and I adore moffat, not even close to one of his haters, but you know, that well runs dry) but somehow in The Snowmen I found Clara/Oswin to not only be tolerable but absolutely enchanting. That’s what this whole episode was. Enchanting. Side note: Somehow this is all going to lead up to the 50th and somehow it will include the previous incarnations or a specific one. Because this set up one of the battles the second doctor got into AND when Clara first sees the TARDIS it’s perfectly newish and fine. When she goes up the staircase the second time it’s old and falling apart. When did the TARDIS start falling apart? Well, it was stuck on Earth for a while in a rather shabby shape… *puts finger on corner of mouth* just saying…

  37. Big Al says:

    BTW , onboard for the Vastra spin off too. BBC is probably the only outlet that could do the idea of that show right.

  38. Mike says:

    I have no idea what it is, but something about her poking her head into the carriage via the roof (Even WITH the “Doctor Who?” line) was adorable. Made me think “Yep, that’s a companion.”

  39. Alyxandra says:

    Jenna is fantastic and I am adoring her as a companion to Matt Smith. I am so excited for April to see how they play out this intriguing storyline of hers. And you had to love the perfect moment of youthful glee on the Doctors face with the bow tie. ^_^ very pleased with Moffat and crew.

  40. Goody548 says:

    I love that they brought back the doctor’s face in the intro. The tardis looks right again… and Jenna is a gem to have with Matt.

  41. Moni says:

    oh I LOVE HER!!! <3

  42. Kyleclutch says:

    There is something about Jenna Louise Coleman that is just awesome. I’m very much looking forward to learning more about her character. Have a great Christmas Kyle. Can’t wait for the rest of the season to come back.

  43. Kyleclutch says:

    There is something about Jenna Louise Coleman that is just awesome. I’m very much looking forward to learning more about her character. Have a great Christmas Kyle.