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DOCTOR STRANGE Movie Toys Materialized at Comic-Con

There was a time nobody would ever have imagined that small, plastic versions of Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor would be exciting to anybody but the actors themselves. And yet, thanks to the magic of Marvel, these two in their Doctor Strange movie outfits were the highlight of Hasbro‘s annual Comic-Con breakfast, held for the press prior to their larger panels for the public.

Also likely to excite a few people is Kamala KHAAAAAAAN!


She’s part of a new Spider-Man wave that was mostly revealed…we were told the build-a-figure and one additional regular figure have been held back, presumably for their Marvel panel on Saturday.



Also on display were figures from the upcoming Trolls movie, which, rather than duplicating what one might call the “wrinkly baby” look of the older toys, are psychedelic and strange:



Transformers on display included a triple-changer Megatron who, while he can’t be a gun any more, looks his old self in robot mode:


Fans of the 1985 movie will remember this guy, though he’s a lot tinier now:


When I asked the My Little Pony spokesperson why it had taken so long to make toys based on the show rather than vice versa, she simply smiled and said “Yes.” Regardless, the acknowledgement that the show is for collectors of all kinds will make the Bronies happy.


Star Wars revelations are  mostly being saved for that panel, but we did get to preview a 12″ electronic Stormtrooper from Rogue One. Turn him on and an Imperial logo lights up in his chest like Tony Stark’s arc reactor; clip on his backpack and move him around to activate speech and sounds.


And of course it wouldn’t be a Hasbro breakfast without some terribly punny names for the food items on offer.


Mmmm…. hair raisin….

Check out our gallery below for more images, and tell us in comments which ones you like the best.

Images: Luke Y. Thompson/Courtesy of Hasbro


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