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Disney Stitches Together Their Pixar Easter Eggs

By now it’s no secret that Disney and Pixar sneak nods of past and future films into each new Pixar film. Disney’s YouTube channel decided to put together a nice little compilation of them for you, the people of the internet.

Neat, Right? Although this does raise some questions. If we’re to believe each of these Easter eggs, it means that most, if not all of these films exist in the same universe. There have been theories on the internet saying as much and quite a few well done YouTube videos making its case. The ramifications of these connections are pretty strange when you think about it, but make total sense. It means that almost everything is sentient. The many theories basically hit all the following points.

If the bugs in A Bugs Life and the animals in Finding Nemo and Ratatouille can speak, understand English, and communicate between species, then what’s stopping them from communicating with the toys in the Toy Story movies? Bridging the gap between animal and human communication are the dogs in UP , all of which can consciously communicate their wants and needs to the human characters. Something granted this sentience in the Pixar world and it appears to have continued through all of the movies. It’s basically Terminator: Rise of the Inanimate Objects.

We know the toys really do move because we saw them attack Sid. That could basically be their judgement day. The day they said “Enough is enough” and rose up against the humans. The news of that had to have spread toward everything else in the world that was sentient where over time they basically force us to obey them. By the time we get to Cars, the world as we know it is basically the same but with no humans. The cars took over when the humans were sent away on the Axiom from WALL-E to learn how to obey their sentient robot masters.

My guess is that is that the mischievous will-o’-the-wisps from Brave are behind everything. There just wasn’t enough man-made things to inhabit back then. The only thing that doesn’t really fit into things is Monsters Inc. which I can just assume doesn’t count because it’s obviously just in another dimension.

What’s your favorite bit about the Unified Pixar Theory? Let us know in the comments below.

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