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Discover The Insane Property Values From GAME OF THRONES

There’s a massive cost for the high life in HBO’s Game of Thrones. As envisioned by author George R.R. Martin, the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros include palaces that are far more impressive than anything in our world. And while that grandeur comes with a price beyond that of monetary means —including treachery, poisoning, dark magic, possible dragon attacks, and a looming White Walker army coming in from the North — it’s also just really pricey in general.

In the reality, we don’t quite have to worry about anything supernatural or dragon related, but it would take a massive amount of money to recreate the Game of Thrones palaces in real life. A UK insurance agency recently estimated the value of six of the most impressive palaces in Westeros — and Khaleesi’s Meereenese manse in Essos — using modern property values and relative location in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Topping the list was the Great Pyramid of Meereen, which came in at a staggering $10 billion dollars! The current home of Daenerys Targaryen is approximately twice the size of the Great Pyramid in Giza, which would make it one of the wonders of any world in which it resides.

Coming in second was the Red Keep in King’s Landing, which would run you approximately $1.6 billion to own. It is roughly 650,000 sq ft and is a steal when you consider it comes complete with the Iron Throne.

If you’re willing to live in colder temperatures, perhaps Winterfell would be more attractive at its $312 million price tag. Note that this figure factors in the current occupants of Winterfell, and the damage that was done during Ramsay Bolton’s siege of the castle.

Our personal pick would have to be The Eyrie of The Vale, a more modestly priced pad at $20.3 million dollars that’s virtually impenetrable and has a sweet Moon Door to enable your peskier guests’ exits.

But don’t just take our word for it — check out the whole rundown in this infographic below:


Which Game of Thrones palace would you like to own? Stake your claim in the comment section below!

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Photo Credit: HBO

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