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DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Hints at Hourman and Red Tornado

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is vastly expanding the DC TV universe that began in Arrow and The Flash with upcoming appearances by Jonah Hex, Connor Hawke, and even a future version of Green Arrow. But there may be more DC heroes on the way, and the hints have already been hidden—in plain sight—on Rip Hunter’s timeship, the Waverunner.

The official Instagram account of DC Comics has posted teaser pictures of two of the objects placed in the background of the Waverunner. When the photos were given a filter, however, they revealed two pre-established DC characters: Hourman and Red Tornado.

Legends of Tomorrow Hourman
While there have been three heroes called Hourman, the image shown here features the third Hourman, an android named Tyler from the 853rd Century who served as a member of the Justice League and the Justice Society. This Hourman had control over time and space thanks to a cosmic object called the Worlogog. Given that this Hourman already has strong ties to time travel, including him on Legends of Tomorrow seems like a natural step.

For the record, the other two Hourmen were Rex Tyler and his son, Rick. They used a drug called Miraclo to give themselves enhanced strength and reflexes for one hour at a time. The second season of Arrow dealt with Mirakuru, a drug that had a similar name and effect. Back in 2011, The CW actually put a Hourman TV series into development, but it never came to pass.

Legends of Tomorrow Red Tornado

The second hero teased by Legends of Tomorrow was Ma Hunkel, the original Red Tornado. Obviously, she’s not the same Red Tornado who appeared on CBS’ Supergirl TV series earlier this season. Ma Hunkel was one of the first superhero parody characters in 1940, as she beat up on local criminals while wearing longjohns and a pot over her head. Ma Hunkel was subsequently given a honorary status in the Justice Society and written into the modern DC universe.

Ma Hunkel would be an unusual choice to include in Legends of Tomorrow’s storyline, but if it happens, the creative team would probably keep Red Tornado in her original ’40s setting.

Do you want to see Hourman and Ma Hunkel’s Red Tornado appear on Legends of Tomorrow? Fire up your timeships and share your opinions below!

HT: Comic Book Resources
Image Credit: DC Entertainment/The CW

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