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Video: George Lucas Discusses the Star Wars/Disney Merger

Straight from the man George Lucas himself, we have some tantalizing new hints of what the Disney-Lucasfilm deal will bring. In short: Lucas will not be directing the next three movies, but he will hand over the older treatments he has for them. He also hints that there’s enough material in the Expanded Universe to fill several movies, but we’ll have to see how the sequels affect that continuity.

In the video below, even more details are revealed: Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound are included in the deal. Lucas also once again mentions the experimental films he wants to make. In a conference call, Iger also mentioned Disney XD specifically as a possibility for future Star Wars TV projects – we’re wondering if the recently announced Seth Green comedy series Detours will end up there, or if the much-discussed live-action show supposedly set between trilogies will be any kind of priority at all with a new movie in the works.

And in case you missed it before, here’s Chris Hardwick’s interview with Lucas from Star Wars Celebration VI:

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  1. Mellissalynn says:

    Well, as Leia is now the newest Disney Princess (not my quote originally, but I <3 it!), and with all thenew franchises that Disney is picking up, I'm pondering what this could mean for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Imagine Sora traveling to 'a long long time ago in a far away galaxy' … or having his new traveling companions be the Incredible Hulk and Animal from the Muppets?

    Oh, and I want to second the idea of Timothy Zahn's trilogy of Star Wars books being made into movies! 🙂

  2. Faulty says:

    My biggest question, is Disney able to release the non special edition of the original trilogy on bluray?

  3. Ajax9191 says:

    Look at hardwick in bed with all major entertainment conglomerates.

    Now that LF is cut from the ties of the Warner Brothers’ distribution deals, does this mean Nerdist just lost out on whatever plans or partnerships you’ve been working on. With the Legacy deal and the Disney machine taking over everything, I hope you guys didn’t get squeezed out due to contractual obligations or non-compete clauses in all the paperwork between each company.

  4. Patrick says:

    If you told someone from the 70’s that Disney would make StarWars 7 they would probably try and kill you or themselves.

  5. Rik says:

    I am going to be happy for now. Since everyone on the planet feels that they could have made a better movie than any of the prequels, maybe one of those people will actually have a shot at making 7/8/9 amazing.

  6. RG says:

    @Thommy: GL has done quite a bit himself to discount canon. And think about it… the Clone Wars series IS for kids; it’s on a kids network. When you take that into consideration, it kinda kicks ass (I also recommend paying some more attention to the recent episodes, especially ones about the bounty hunters… much less kiddy).

    So, a new Star Wars movie that aims for PG-13 a’la Avengers, even if it does follow his original plan for 7, 8, and 9 and neglect the EU a bit… could still be great.

  7. Thommy Lee says:

    I don’t know whether to be absolutely terrified or just giddy as hell. In one case, they could dumb down the whole series, skip all the books that people have already taken into account as cannon, and make it into a kids’ movie ( I REALLY didn’t like the clone wars series (art was cool though)). On the other hand, when Marvel merged with Disney, they turned up a great (I loved it) Spider-man movie that stuck to the original content a lot more. So, hopefully, they’ll do the same. Stick to content (maybe even Clone Wars/Pixar style animation), and just make it an amazing new beginning of Star Wars Sequels into the New Republic. I’ll shut up now. 😀

  8. Can a Pixar produced Star Wars movie be far behind?

  9. Amy says:

    Maybe they can retcon all the books from the NJO on(ie: bring back Chewie, Mara, and everyone else that’s been killed off) and i would Love to see the Thrawn trilogy on the big screen.