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DC Comics Reveals ‘Rebirth’ Plans, Relaunch Coming This Summer

After weeks of rumors, DC Comics finally revealed its plans for Rebirth, a line-wide event that will restart the majority of the company’s titles, from issue 1, for the first time since the New 52 began in 2011. Starting this summer, DC will release Rebirth specials for 23 of its ongoing titles before jumping into the relaunched series. Unlike the New 52, this will not be a reboot of DC’s continuity.

Under the DC Comics Rebirth initiative, the number of monthly titles published by DC will drop to 32, but 17 of those titles will be published bi-monthly (meaning twice a month). The price of each comic will once again be $2.99 across the line, but fans who follow their favorite titles will, ultimately, find themselves spending more money per month.

There is actually an overarching story to go along with the DC Comics Rebirth event, too. And it will be overseen by none other than Geoff Johns, who is slated to write an 80-page DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot that will be released on May 25. While speaking to Comic Book Resources, Johns hinted that some of the DC legacy heroes who were lost in the New 52 reboot may be coming back in Rebirth.

DC Universe: Rebirth is about bringing back what makes the DC Universe the DC Universe. There are certain things, like legacy, that are missing,” said Johns. There are other things that I don’t want to totally spoil. But there are a lot of things in there that I think are unique to the DC Universe, and really need to be pushed back to the forefront. The world’s greatest heroes and the world’s greatest villains. The epic stories. The expanding mythology. The obscure and legacy characters getting their due alongside the classics. And then, the new and unexpected. The surprising. Inspiration. Threats. Miracles.”

DC Rebirth 2

The roll out of the new titles begins in June, as the core books are relaunched—including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Titans, and Green Arrow. Green Lantern is being re-titled Green Lanterns, which suggests the book will become more of an ensemble series as opposed to focusing on one Green Lantern. All of the titles will be relaunched with new issue ones, except for Action Comics and Detective Comics, which will revert to their original numbering that dates back to the ’30s.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s to come:

June Rebirth Specials:

  • Aquaman Rebirth # 1
  • Batman Rebirth # 1
  • The Flash Rebirth # 1
  • Green Arrow Rebirth # 1
  • Green Lanterns Rebirth # 1
  • Superman Rebirth # 1
  • Titans Rebirth # 1
  • Wonder Woman Rebirth # 1

June New #1 Issues (Shipping twice monthly):

  • Aquaman # 1
  • Batman # 1
  • The Flash # 1
  • Green Arrow # 1
  • Green Lanterns # 1
  • Superman # 1
  • Wonder Woman # 1

June New Issues (Shipping twice monthly):

  • Action Comics # 957
  • Detective Comics # 934

In July, the Batman family will expand with two new Batgirl titles—the relaunched Batgirl and Batgirl & The Birds of Prey—Red Hood & The Outlaws, and Nightwing, the latter of which will once again feature former Robin, Dick Grayson, in costume. It’s anyone’s guess what The Super-Man will be about, but the unusual title suggests that it won’t be focusing on Clark Kent/Kal-El.

July Rebirth Specials:

  • Batgirl & The Birds of Prey Rebirth # 1
  • Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth # 1
  • The Hellblazer Rebirth # 1
  • Justice League Rebirth # 1
  • Nightwing Rebirth # 1
  • Red Hood & The Outlaws Rebirth # 1

July New #1 Issues (Shipping twice monthly):

  • Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps # 1
  • Justice League # 1
  • Nightwing # 1

July New #1 Issues (Shipping monthly):

  • Batgirl # 1
  • Batgirl & The Birds of Prey & 1
  • The Hellblazer # 1
  • Red Hood & The Outlaws # 1
  • The Super-Man # 1
  • Titans # 1

For the fall, DC is releasing the remaining 13 titles, and expanding the Superman family with Super Sons and Superwoman in addition to the returning Supergirl. The new Trinity title is likely to be the rumored Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman ongoing series that will replace Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman.

Fall Rebirth Specials:

  • Batman Beyond Rebirth # 1
  • Blue Beetle Rebirth # 1
  • Cyborg Rebirth # 1
  • Deathstroke Rebirth # 1
  • Earth 2 Rebirth # 1
  • Suicide Squad Rebirth # 1
  • Supergirl Rebirth # 1
  • Teen Titans Rebirth # 1
  • Trinity Rebirth # 1

Fall New #1 Issues (Shipping twice monthly):

  • Cyborg # 1
  • Deathstroke # 1
  • Harley Quinn # 1
  • Justice League America # 1
  • Suicide Squad # 1

Fall New #1 Issues (Shipping monthly):

  • Batman Beyond # 1
  • Blue Beetle # 1
  • Earth 2 # 1
  • Gotham Academy: Next Semester # 1
  • Supergirl # 1
  • Superwoman # 1
  • Super Sons # 1
  • Teen Titans # 1
  • Trinity # 1

The creative teams for DC Rebirth will be revealed next month at WonderCon. However, Johns also announced that he is stepping aside from Justice League after issue # 50, which means another writer will take over DC’s flagship superhero title when it returns in July.

It also seems like DC is moving away from the experimental superhero comics that were introduced in the DC You initiative last year. None of the new titles appear to stray too far away from the mainstream DC characters or the pre-established brands.

What do you think about the plans for DC Rebirth? Embrace change and share your thoughts below!


HT: Comic Book Resources

Image Credit: DC Comics

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