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DC Announces Third Weekly Series For 2014 And New INFINITE CRISIS Series

DC Entertainment will be adding its third weekly title this fall, Dan Didio announced today in an interview with Newsarama. First comes Batman: Eternal, which debuts this April, followed by The New 52: Futures End, set to debut in May. Then, a new, third weekly series will be debuting in October. It doesn’t have a name yet, but when asked if it would focus on a single character like Batman, Didio said “It’s much more world-building than that.” He also hinted that the book might tie in with the other weekly series going on at the same time, Futures End, which takes a peek at the possible future of the DCU five years from now.

Tying in to the Futures End weekly for certain is September’s Futures End month going on in all DC’s regular monthly books, which will feature every DC ongoing series spending one issue telling a story set five years into a possible future. September has become a significant month for DC: In 2011, it launched the New 52 reboot in September, and the following year DC did “Zero Month”, giving all its ongoing series a zero issue explaining some untold portion of the character’s past. Last year, it was “Villain’s Month”, with the DCU roster of bad guys replacing the heroes’ own titles.

Some of the covers for those books had 3D motion covers, which according to Didio “sold extraordinarily well.” Because of this, the 3D motion covers will be back for Futures End month, and Didio added that “the 2014 covers are more complex because the characters will be changing; when we came out of the gate with the launch of the 52, we had people buy it, and we held onto them really tight and there was a level of excitement that we hadn’t felt in comics for quite awhile, Quite honestly, we felt, even between ourselves and other companies, it seems like the excitement is quieting down again, across the industry.”


The downside of this is that each of the new weekly books, which will obviously ship four times a month, will be replacing several of DC’s lower selling titles. One of the good things about the New 52 when it launched was that there was room for offbeat books not set in Gotham or Metropolis, like Animal Man, Men of War and All Star Western (which has been confirmed as ending soon). With these event books no doubt tying in to the big DC franchises, some of the flavor of uniqueness will be lost.


Also announced by DC Entertainment today is the launch of the all-new digital first comic series Infinite Crisis, based on the upcoming free-to-play PC game based in the DC Multiverse from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.  Infinite Crisis will join DC’s digital-first line-up in May and will be released on a weekly basis digitally and collected monthly in print starting in July. The series will be written by Dan Abnett (Legion of Super-Heroes, Guardians of the Galaxy) and a team of artists which will include Christian Duce (Batman: Arkham Origins.)

According to the press release, “The Infinite Crisis comic takes place before the start of the video game, before the Crisis kicks into high gear and all of the heroes and villains are recruited by The Monitor to serve as Champions and battle against unseen enemies to save the Multiverse. As in the game, characters from alternate DC Universes will be joining forces to try and stop the approaching Crisis. Prime Earth Batman will join forces with the likes of Gaslight Catwoman, Arcane Green Lantern, Atomic Wonder Woman and Nightmare Robin. In addition to the infinite characters from the video game, Harbinger has been redesigned for the comic book series and will join an all new character, Atomic Two-Face, in the action.”

This actually sounds more like the premise to the original 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths than its sequel, 2005’s original Infinite Crisis, but I don’t begrudge them going with the shorter title. I for one just want to know what “Nightmare Robin” looks like. I imagine he wears the old costume and doesn’t shave his legs.

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  1. Dwayne Butcher says:

    I miss the older comics the new 52 are just not that great, I understand trying to bring in new people. But when to dirty up the comic character you loose some of what made DC what it was. DC characters were bigger than life and were above most petty things than the normal people.
    I guess I am just old and look at some the the heroes now and think what happened? I have tried to give the new 52 a chance but its just not for me

  2. Matthew Henderson says:

    Aaaaaaand maybe I finally cancel my subs for DC singles and go trades only.

  3. Mr. Marvin says:

    Somehow, on a cover that features Batman fighting a guy who is made of guns, the central image manages to be Catwoman’s crotch. Stay classy, comics.