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David Lynch Unsure if TWIN PEAKS 2016 Is Still Happening

Could the much-hyped return of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s beloved cult series Twin Peaks to Showtime maybe not happen after all? It’s looking like that’s at least a possibility, as reports are coming in from David Lynch’s opening night of his Between Two Worlds art exhibit in Brisbane that the director is publicly expressing doubts; during a sold out Q&A conversation, Lynch was asked whether “Twin Peaks was definitely happening.” David Lynch, who has mostly remained silent on the return of Twin Peaks, letting the show’s co-creator Mark Frost be the project’s representative to the press, responded “I don’t know. There are complications.”

And that above is the face made by every single long-suffering Twin Peaks fan upon hearing the news–after nearly twenty-five years of waiting and hoping, last year it looked like we were finally getting our wish, and Twin Peaks would be getting a proper conclusion after all. And now, maybe not.

So just what could these “complications” be? A source told website Welcome to Twin Peaks that while the scripts for the new show are finished, contract negotiations aren’t going as expected. But negotiations with who exactly? Showtime made it a point at the TCA’s earlier this year to confirm the return of Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper, and even brought the actor out on stage in full Cooper regalia, so it’s likely not him. Which of Twin Peaks’ other thirty-plus cast members could it be? When actress Lara Flynn Boyle refused to return to the role of Donna Hayward in the 1992 prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Lynch simply recast her with Moira Kelly. So it’s not like they are above recasting when a complication with an actor arises, and she was a pretty major part.

But until we hear something more concrete, fans shouldn’t get too freaked out just yet. Lynch might have just been speaking off the cuff. Both he and Mark Frost know how much this means to fans, and I’m sure Showtime, who made the announcement of Twin Peaks return on social media in a big splashy way last October, are committed to making this happen (and if they don’t, you know Netflix is just waiting in the wings.) As Twin Peaks Archive reminded fans on Twitter, it was just two years ago that David Lynch’s own daughter Jennifer “put to rest” all rumors of the show ever coming back…and then the next year it was announced. So don’t put away the celebratory pie and coffee just yet, until there’s some kind of official announcement.

HT Welcome To Twin Peaks

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  1. zombiemall says:

    if this does not happen then someone other than Pete is gonna be awarded the #porchdick of the year award.

  2. rob says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s funny, I had a weird feeling that actor contracts could be an issue, especially if somebody thinks they can cash this one in hard. The audience will probably still be niche, so if the cast drives up prices it could falter.

  3. cryface johnson says:

    :(((((((((( _ _ _ _ _  noOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOooOO