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David Goyer Confirms New KRYPTON TV Series Is Prequel to MAN OF STEEL

DC Comics fans have never had it better when it comes to representation on television, with no less than five shows soon to be on the air: Arrow, Flash, Gotham, and the upcoming Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. One point of contention, however, has been that unlike Marvel’s TV shows, such as Agents of SHIELD and Daredevil, the DC shows don’t connect to the larger DC Cinematic Universe established in Man of Steel and continuing in next year’s Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and all the others.

Well, that’s about to change. While doing promotion for his television series Da Vinci’s Demons, writer David Goyer spoke a bit about his upcoming series for the SyFy Channel called Krypton, which centers around the last few centuries of Superman’s doomed home planet. According to Goyer, Krypton will “take place 200 years before Man of Steel. We’re treating Krypton like it’s a historical piece. We look to previous cultures on Earth to model what that would be like.” That’s the first confirmation we’ve had that the new show takes place in the same continuity as the films.

Goyer added, “We scratched the surface in the film and, for me, that was the allure. I was always fascinated, as a kid, with the books about Krypton and they’ve only shaded in a tiny bit, so we’ll learn about the politics of the world. We’ll learn about the culture, the art, all the different guilds.” While the show would presumably focus on the planet’s capital Kryptonopolis, the plan is to explore other cities on the world too, which could eventually include Argo, Supergirl’s hometown, and Kandor, the city that was famously shrunk down by the villain Brainiac. With both Supergirl and Brainiac rumored to be included in a potential Man of Steel sequel or even Justice League, a Krypton series might be the right place to seed some of these story elements early. The new show doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but it’s expected sometime in 2016.

Are you excited about a potential Krypton series now that it connects to the greater DC film universe? Let us know in the comments below!

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