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DAREDEVIL Gets Season 3, TEEN WOLF Ending, and More TV News

Welcome to the end of the week, friends. San Diego Comic-Con makes time nonexistent, so I’m sure if you’re at the convention, you have no idea that it’s Friday. The first day of the convention featured a stack of television news about series such as Daredevil, Justice League Action, Voltron: Legendary Defender, and more; let’s get to it in TV-Cap!

The Man without Canceling. Marvel used the occasion of Comic-Con to confirm Daredevil will be back for season three. Do you have theories about who Matt will face next? [Nerdist]

Through the Wormhole. Netflix and DreamWorks brought Voltron: Legendary Defender to Comic-Con, and during a panel about the show, they announced the animated series has been renewed. It will return for season two, and it will pick up right where the first season ended. They brought the above teaser image, too. [Nerdist, Image: Netflix]

And an Ending… Not every beginning means an end, but I do have an announcement to counter the renewals. MTV’s Teen Wolf revealed at Comic-Con that the upcoming sixth season will be the final one. [TVLine]

Amazon Adventures. If you’ll remember, Kevin Smith is working on adapting Buckaroo Banzai as a TV series, because why not? And though it’s not a done deal, he’s apparently getting close to a deal with Amazon. The official announcement could come at Comic-Con, so if the possibility of more Buckaroo Banzai has your heart aflutter, stay tuned. [Screen Crush]

Pledge Allegiance. With a title like American Gods, it’s no surprise the Starz series puts the emphasis on America in a new poster. They revealed the above red, white, and blue design for Comic-Con, and I recommend enlarging it so you can appreciate the details. Then, if/when you need more American Gods goodness, read Deadline’s interview about the upcoming show with series execs Bryan Fuller and Michael Green [Comic Book Resources, Image: Starz]

Back in Action. The Justice League is flying back to animated form with Cartoon Network’s Justice League Action. Nerdist attended a panel about the show at SDCC and saw the above highlights reel and learned tidbits such as voice actors who have joined the project, the format, and more. Get the full scoop right this way.

Another Class. Joe and Anthony Russo have their sights on adapting another comic book property. Deadline reports the Russos are working with Sony Pictures TV and the comic creator on Deadly Class. The comic by writer Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig is set in the ’80s and is about a teen attending a school that trains assassins. We’ll keep you posted on whether anyone picks up this series. [Nerdist]

Feeling Blue. Amazon has done the opposite of calling the exterminator with their reboot of The Tick for pilot season. Peter Serafinowicz is playing the blue hero, and Amazon has shared a first look. I have to say that the costume looks anything but comfortable. [Slashfilm, Images: Amazon]

Going Retro. Nickelodeon is using to Comic-Con to celebrate the past. They have a booth focused on shows from the late ’90s, and their animation panel featured executives from cartoons from days of yore such as Rugrats and Invader Zim. It wasn’t only about looking back; the storytellers all looked ahead to discuss what’s next for them, and we have all the details here at Nerdist.

Getting Freaky. YouTube’s Cinema Relics has made a Futurama fan short that gets realistic and creepy. “Fan-o-Rama” features the usual suspects from the cartoon in a different form than we’re used to seeing, and it’s remarkably cool and creepy at the same time. [Nerdist]

Are you pumped about Justice League Action? What do you think about the American Gods poster? Talk to me in the comments.

Featured Image: Netflix


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