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Damon Lindelof Wants a Lobot STAR WARS Spinoff Film

Has the time come for Lobot to headline his own Star Wars spinoff film? Probably not, but Lost co-creator and Tomorrowland screenwriter Damon Lindelof has jokingly suggested waiting another two decades for Lando Calrissian’s right hand man to get his own movie.

While speaking to Digital Spy, Lindelof said “My hope is that, like, once they’ve run through everybody else in 20 or 22 years, they’ll be looking for someone to write the Lobot movie. I wanna know how he’s ended up working with Lando and exactly what that apparatus does and how he lost his hair. And, you know, I always root for the bald guy.”

To date, Lobot has appeared in only one of the Star Wars films: The Empire Strikes Back (where he was portrayed as a silent cyborg by actor John Hollis). Lindelof may or may not know this, but the backstory of Lobot has actually already been explored in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Anyone can look up Lobot on Wikipedia, but Star Wars Wookieepedia has a more complete picture of Lobot’s history.

The short version is that Lobot was the son of a slaver who later became a slave himself in order to spare himself a prison sentence. After agreeing to serve Cloud City as a cyborg, Lobot’s head was shaved in order to insert his cybernetic implant into his brain. Although, Lobot was — by the time Lando took over as administrator — voluntarily serving Cloud City.

Of course, the Star Wars Expanded Universe was thrown out of canon as soon as Star Wars: The Force Awakens was announced, so a brand new backstory for Lobot could be up for grabs if Lindelof was actually inclined to write it. Even though Lobot’s appearances in the Expanded Universe were infrequent, my personal favorite was in Marvel’s Star Wars comic series when Lando returned to Cloud City.

Star Wars 56 Cover
As you might have surmised by that awesome Walt Simonson cover, Lobot wasn’t quite himself in the first part of that adventure. But he was back on Lando’s side by the end of it.

Lobot has also appeared in a few Star Wars video games, including his stint as a DJ in Kinect Star Wars for the Xbox 360.

Lobot DJ
Somehow, I think that job suits him.

Alright Nerdists, it’s time to weigh in: Does Lobot deserve to get the solo film treatment? Let us know below!



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