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Create Your Own Jeff Goldblum Meme Mash-Up For Any Occasion

OK, so maybe “any” occasion is a bit of a strong word, but you can still customize your very own Jeff Goldblum meme for whatever your internet needs may be. We’re guessing most of them are going to be used in an attempt to break the internet once and for all. And you know what? These just might have what it takes.
As part of the promotional campaign for the upcoming Independence Day: Resurgence, you can now customize and share your very own memes featuring Jeff Goldblum. Taking some of the most iconic memes from over the years and smashing Goldblum’s face on them would have been more than enough to satiate the internet masses, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice something really cool. It would appear that this wasn’t just thrown together with old pictures of J-Gol (no one calls him that, I apologize) but in fact seems to have faces customized to each individual classic meme.

Think about what that means for a second. A movie studio got together with one of the beloved actors of our time after a multi-million dollar film was already done and had a photo shoot set up which, we can only assume, had to have included the phrase “OK, Mr. Goldblum, you’ll need to tilt your head a bit more to the right to match the Jean-Luc Picard photo”

You can take a look at the gallery below for more of the default versions of each meme that make mention of the new Independence Day film, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll be headed to MemeResurgence as soon as possible to make your own Golblum references across the templates they have in place. Like, say, a good ol Jurassic Park chuckle on a Boromir meme:JGMemeLaugh

Or a Bad Luck Brian/The Fly mashup:


What meme templates do you wish they had done? What are your best Goldblum memes you’ve created? Let’s get to sharing them!

Images: MemeResurgence


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