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Craig Ferguson Has a Successor to THE LATE LATE SHOW

It would appear CBS is going to keep the host of The Late Late Show largely the same. It’ll still be a male, and it’ll still be someone from the United Kingdom. The Wrap is reporting that British writer, actor, and comedian James Corden has been tapped to replace Craig Ferguson at the end of the year when Ferguson’s contract expires.

Corden is known for co-writing and co-starring in the series Gavin & Stacey for which he’s won several awards, for co-writing and co-starring in the BBC/Hulu series The Wrong Mans, and can currently be seen opposite Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo in the film Begin Again. However, to most Doctor Who fans, Corden is best known for playing Craig Owens, aka the dad of Stormageddon and him what got jealous of the Doctor, in the Series 5 episode “The Lodger” and the Series 6 episode “Closing Time,” both written by Gareth Roberts.

The 36 year old actor has certainly been funny in most things I’ve seen him in, and can clearly write, but I’ll be interested to see how his sensibilities not only translate to a late night talk show but also to American audiences. Other, much wider known names in the U.S., had also been thrown around in the mix, including Joel McHale and Neil Patrick Harris. However, even though Corden wasn’t anyone’s guess (the Vegas odds-makers must be having a field day), he does have a hefty social media presence with over 4 million Twitter followers.

Are you pleased with this news? Do you think CBS is trying to keep 12:30am as British as possible for whatever reason? Talk about it in the comments below.

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  1. jadedragon says:

    so sad that craig is leaving but if he must i’m excited for james! who i might add PLAYED A GUY CALLED CRAIG IN DOCTOR WHO! so at least the show will stay in the family. he can do whatever he wants with the show but i hope he keeps a tardis on his desk

  2. Sue says:

    Never heard of him. Good luck 

  3. Shayde says:

    Not on my top 10 list, he’s not even on the top hundred thousand list. But I’ll give him a shot, I didn’t think CraigyFerg would be good when they hired him. Boy was I so wrong there.

  4. Dan Minogue says:

    I like the news but I’m more sad for Corden.  I think he’s a great actor and performer and I’d hate to see him not be able to do some great things because he has this talk show.  He’s won a tony for god sakes, I don’t think he needs this show!  In my humble opinion talk shows are for comedians that weren’t crazy excellent actors (excluding Stephen Colbert).  He is though a crazy excellent actor.  But none the less I’m excited to see what he can do with the show.  It may even be a contender against Late Night.

  5. corden corden corden corden yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Peter Schmalz says:

    No one can replace Craig Ferguson

  7. shambles says:

    yea  take him and welcome…  no returns….s

  8. AdamRiccardo says:

    Please take him, we would do anything to get rid!! Just like that time we got rid of Piers Morgan.

    • keddren says:

      We’re loading Piers Morgan into a trebuchet right now to sent back across the pond.

  9. sinnerG7 says:

    BOO! We don’t need another White/Male Late night host.Aisha Tyler should get it.She’s funny and HOT!!!

    • Brando73 says:

      Aisha would be great but she might either not be willing to leave the Talk or unable to due to her contract.

  10. Not really a fan of his shtick tbh. Obnoxious, arrogant without reason, and ingenuous. Not my cup of tea, especially for a show that rests solely on his personality.

  11. Anna says:

    Corden without Ruth Jones, his co-writer (and the brilliant actress who played Nessa) on Gavin & Stacey, is staggeringly unfunny. (Find an episode or twelve of her post G&S show “Stella” and you’ll see where the funny went.) He did a sketch show with Mathew Horne (Gavin) after G&S that died a rapid, deserved death.

    If CBS had anything resembling brains (and obviously they don’t, since they let Craig get away), they’d get Russell Brand or his mate Noel Fielding (or better still, Noel and his partner in The Mighty Boosh, Julian Barrett) to take over. Brand would bring his politics, too–which I’d love, but which CBS is far too gone to allow.

    Nah, they’ll go with someone safe and yawn-inducing like Corden, and the ratings’ll suck, and they’ll find somebody worse.

  12. Bob says:

    It would be an amazing choice. Corden’s star is in the ascendance and already chairs his on panel game show in the UK. He has a highly likeable personality and plenty of charm. However I don’t think he’d stay more than say 3 to 5 years. 

  13. Mitch says:

    Craig Ferguson isn’t British

  14. Sarah says:

    Such a strange choice if it is true. He just won a Tony and has a thriving movie career and it seems odd that he would choose a late night talk show in the US as his next move.  One would assume a several year commitment is involved and unlike other talk show hosts who are comedians  and can fit gigs into their taping schedule (like Ferguson & Meyers do) it’s not as if he can squeeze in a play or a movie by pre-taping a few shows.

    Personally, I would have loved to see Aisha Tyler in the spot- smart, wickedly funny, nerdy-interests and oh yeah not another white guy.

  15. Mark says:

    Aisha Tyler would be perfect for the Job.She’s a great comedian and Craig gave her the nod on his show the last time she was on. Best of all (fingers crossed) Animated Archer as her sidekick. BOOM!

  16. Smudge says:

    And apparently he can sing since he’s playing the Baker in the “Into the Woods” movie coming out later this year.

  17. NancyinTampa says:

    Nothing against the James Corden idea but surprised to find this here. The Wrap posted an unconfirmed story and everybody’s been posting it as if it’s happening.  Just want to enjoy Craig’s show while it’s still here.

  18. Mar says:

    This is amazing! I’ll still be sad to see Craig leave but love James Corden and they couldn’t have found a better replacement! I’m actually a little less depressed about Craig Ferguson’s departure now.

  19. Josh says:

    That sucks. I was really hoping for Norm Macdonald.

    • sinnerG7 says:

      Norm McDonald is no longer funny hasn’t been in 20 yrs.He’s too into trying to be edgy/weird.His appearance on the last C.C. Roast SUCKED!….Sorry