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Could AVENGERS 3 Be Split in Two?

Ah, the weekend. A time of relaxation, adventure, picnics, and sweet, glorious movie rumors. Avengers: Age of Ultron is still almost a year away from invading our eye-holes and yet word has broken that Avengers 3 could be split in twain, with Part 1 releasing in 2018 and Part 2 in 2019. Could there be any truth to these allegations?

On today’s episode of Nerdist News, Jessica Chobot investigates the possibility of back-to-back Avengers 3 installments, examining the when, why, and how of what could be the biggest, baddest superhero extravaganza in cinematic history. Are you ready to see Drax throw down with Hawkeye, Dr. Strange, and Squirrel Girl?! Of course you are.

Thanks for watching today’s show, don’t forget to drop by tomorrow for a fresh episode, and let us know in the comments below why you think a two-part Avengers is a good idea!

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  1. Jimbo says:

    Maybe Marvel can Movie up some Image Titles.
    Girls, Prophet, East of West, Manhattan Projects. Southern Bastards… I’m not going to say TWD, but maybe TWD?

  2. ClasikRok says:

    Oh Jessica Jessica Jessica…Its pronounced Sq-Whirl Girl (you know so it rhymes), not Sque-Ril Girl 🙂

  3. Rob says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I agree on splitting a crossover movie into two parts, but it shouldn’t specifically be an Avengers movie. I still think it should be a two part Infinity Gantlet movie with everyone from the MCU, not just Avengers featuring everyone else.

  4. krogan-charging says:


  5. vision says:

    Why split part 3 into 2 movies when you could be working on part4 ?

  6. Charles says:

    This makes sense in large part because Thanos needs to be established as the bad ass that he is. Doesn’t sound like there’ll be time for that in Avengers2 and sounds like Guardians 2 will deal with Starlord’s father to some degree. But, at some point, time needs to be spent to explain who Thanos is to the non-comic audience and to show how tough he is. If they try to cram all of that into Avengers 3, along with possibility of Guardians characters as well, the movie will be way to busy.

  7. RedwoodCoast says:

    She-Hulk.  Black Panther. Firebird.  Fantastic 4, spider man and venom cameos. (Won’t every happen.:( Audience preparation device only.   Nice speculation.   More beautiful.  ffffing bastard style. LIKE.

  8. Aloe says:

    Why are the initials DNR on the Thor hammer?!?  Are we to gather that Jessica is telling us “Do Not Resuscitate” on her Living Will, Mjolnir?!

  9. agirlyman says:

    I’d have to say I would like to see the original Captain Mar-vell, Protector of the Universe, nuff said.

  10. I don’t want to see Avengers 3 split into multiple movies. I love how multiple stories come together in the Marvel movies for a crossover. MORE OF THE SAME! MORE OF THE SAME!

  11. Kevin Rubio says:

    Oh Jessica. You beautiful (very married/very taken) woman you. This report from “The Daily Marvelite” is nothing but bullsh*t. And a lact of comprehension by the people of this website to understand what the exact definition of “splitting” means. 
    You can’t split into two parts something that does not exist.Unfortunately they are attaching the wrong term to what Marvel does. If it’s anything; it’s an “ongoing story” or a “crossover”.
    I’m sure Marvelite is confusion this for what Warner Bros. did with the last Harry Potter film, what Jackson did with The Hobbit, and what Summit and Lionsgate did with Twilight and Hunger Games – taking an already published “single” source and splitting it in an effort to grab more cash. MARVEL IS NOT SPLITTING AVENGERS III INTO TWO PARTS!!!!

  12. John Roberts says:

    WTF! Only West Coast and NYC Avengers? Great Lakes get no respect!

  13. mmkin27 says:

    Don’t give Whedon the power of a year long cliffhanger 

  14. roundrobindesign says:

    “you beautiful F@#KING bastard” made me giggle at work.