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Could AMERICAN HORROR STORY’s Fifth Season Be All About Aliens?

Fans of American Horror Story have been sent on a proverbial hunting exposition by Ryan Murphy. The series, which has been renewed for a fifth season, has a penchant for planting clues and hints and teases into its episodes in order to subliminally broadcast its future plans. Murphy himself already stated that there are a few hints in the first two episodes regarding the themes of season five. And after having a look and a thought about it, we’re fairly convinced that the next season of American Horror Story will likely deal with aliens. Like Roswell, Area 51-type alien stuff. And for real this time — not like in Asylum.

To look for clues in Freak Show, one only need to look so far as names: Jupiter, Florida. Elsa Mars. David Bowie’s “Life on Mars.” Coincidental details — or a clue to the future of AHS? Because, really, the next great American horror — or perhaps just straight-up human horror, regardless of borders — is the idea that we’re not alone in this universe. We are not the special, unique snowflakes of life, contrary to some pretty popular beliefs.

Now, we know, yes: aliens were briefly touched upon in Asylum, but they were never really discussed, not really. If anything, the alien subplot of Asylum felt like a throwaway more than anything. Unless it was a nod to the future. We’ve seen now, thanks to the inclusion of Pepper in both Asylum AND Freak Show, that there stories and characters can crossover from season to season. Surely a case could be made for themes to crossover, as well. Particularly when there was never really any closure brought to that story to begin with!

The aliens of Asylum were a throwaway, perhaps a nod to religion, and the idea of looking forward instead of back (as we previously surmised at our old job). In that particular post the alien subplot read like a struggle between science and religion, the inexplicable versus the safe, and what horrors (and promises) our future holds… once we open ourselves up to the rest of the universe.

If Pepper can return here — why not in the next season? After all, we have no idea where she went after Kit and Grace’s children brought her to the woods. We do know that Grace repeatedly explained that their children were here to change the minds of the world and future. What if they are the central focus of next season? Could season five of American Horror Story be an 80s-themed look at alien invasions through the eyes of Kit and Grace’s children, born to “change the minds of the world”?

How fun would that sort of camped up world of aliens and nuttery be in the hands of R. Murph? The answer is: very (I mean clearly). It’s the sort of metaphorical struggle that AHS eats up for storytelling purposes, if you think about it. An alien season of American Horror Story could easily focus on the struggle to bring humans to the universal table — to accept and understand that we are very likely not the only ones in the sky. It could involve secret government alien projects. And undercover aliens scattered throughout the world, living amongst us in an effort to push the evolution of humanity forward. Naturally, this sets up a nice little battle between science and religion.

Besides, Ryan Murphy has always been obsessed with the struggles of the Other. It’s why LGBTQ issues, and any struggle felt by “freaks” and “witches” and “outcasts” have been the lifeblood of the series thus far. Sympathetic aliens being hunted, examined, and experimented on against their will is chock-a-block with more of that same. Trying to win a battle between science and government and religion with nothing more than a couple perceived looney tunes and/or creatures not of this planet to plead these realities with the world and/or universe? Yeah — sounds about right for Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. And admit it: you really kinda want it.

So — what do you think of a fifth AHS season going full-on alien? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Jemima says:

    not to mention that there’ve been 51 EPISODES SO FAR

  2. Melissa Foley says:

    Didn’t Bowie release some music on “Top Hat Records?”  They’ve said the top hat is a big clue to next season.  Perhaps we can find clues in Bowie’s music.  Maybe Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars?

  3. Mills says:

    I think pepper was an alien and she wasn’t abducted in asylum she went home, and was sent here to learn about human nature, with a story similar to Edward mordrake taking those that had evil in them the aliens will punish those who truly showed the worst in human nature 

  4. jen says:

    I really don’t care what the 5th season will be abouthe I love all seasons I just want for taissa to return to season 5

  5. CC says:

    AHS: Cult! Setting: Utah.

  6. CC says:

    AHS: Cult! Takes place (naturally) in Utah.

  7. Anthony luna says:

    I wanna see aliens we never knew what happened to kit when they took him.and alma randomly died 

  8. Joyce Wallen says:

    Top hat on cups to mean represent Victorian Era( I am thinking Elephant Man) lots of experimental work done back then( showtimes The Knick) provided that part to be true, men wear top hats, doctors, etc or Abe Lincoln and something in Chicago! Ryan already said the Alien theme was not right! It’s here on earth! My thoughts, Slavery or Victorion Era! But what do I know, grabbing at straws

  9. Seth says:

    I believe the should, if they aren’t planning on it. If you ask me the alien idea in asylum was the best background story of all, even over ones in murder house, and coven. One of the biggest questions in life is , if we are the only ones in the universe. Now that being said, with the history of the alien idea in asylum, it would be easy for them to do something on that idea, as well as get people hooked with the big question, are we really the only ones, and what’s going to happen next episode. Aliens, everyone wonders about  them even the skeptics, give more of an answer or a question for people will turn in there favor.

  10. RoadRacer says:

    American Horror Story:  Ghost Ship
    Pirates/ghosts … then as the crazy escalates, mermaids (scary ones…) and eventually Atlanteans.

  11. mormonvoodoo says:

    The Aliens abducted Pepper in Asylum and brought her back in Freakshow.

    • Jimmy says:

      you got the times flipped … Freakshow is set BEFORE Asylum

    • Twix says:

      No in freak show pepper goes to the aslyum for something she didn’t do … She died in the end because sister Jude went crazy about it 

    • KT says:

      pepper was brought to the asylum during freakshow. asylum takes place after freakshow

  12. LeVonne says:

    Ummmm, the kids didn’t take Pepper into the woods, they took Jude.,,,unless I missed something??

    • KT says:

      that swhat I was thinking! pepper never came near those kids, and didn’t one of the nuns say that pepper died in the asylum?

  13. Joel says:

    If they go with aliens for the fifth season, I may actually be able to watch the series for once. I’m sorry, but horror stories are not my thing, and yet I like The Twilight Zone. And oddly enough, there are several episodes of TZ where I’m even like, “Nope. Tons of nope.”

  14. Zach says:

    If they went with an alien plot, I think it would be for the best for them to distance it as much as possible from the aliens in season 2. In my opinion, the alien subplot was a huge misstep and caused the season to drag on for about four episodes longer than it should have.

  15. Who knows? He could go with benign but misunderstood aliens like “Day the Earth Stood Still”, he could go crazy homicidal aliens like “The Zanti Misfits” or “Critters”, he could go “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” There are tons of Outer Limits concepts he could mine. And all of them could be frightening.