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Cosplay Friday #51


It’s Friday. You’re waiting for the day to be over so you can get out there and paint the town red (or whatever color you prefer to paint towns), and you’re wondering what to wear? Fear not, inter-friends! Why trust your own judgment when you can take a page out of the book of some of the most fashionable folks anywhere on the web: Cosplayers! As always, I’ve combed the net for the week’s coolest, craziest and creepiest cosplays in a column lovingly titled Cosplay Friday.

Get so excited.

let_us_do_a_loki_face_to_confuse_everyone_by_fahrsindram-d6tmki9Loki and Loki drinking Loki in a Loki’s”. Okay, it admittedly works better with Starbuck.

kill_la_kill___ryuko_matoi__01__by_beethy-d6u8nf9Sweet Kill La Kill cosplay… but your sword is drippy.

oh____it_s_you_by_angelabermudez-d6u58s2“Oh really? Was the ending to Thor: Dark World really original?” (Awesome Portal cosplay!)

attack_on_titan___eren_in_titan_form_by_vaxzone-d6tz1liAttack on Lame Cosplays.

tomb_raider_by_md_arts-d6tmj7gWe get it, Lara; you’re a Tomb Raider. It doesn’t mean you can’t be sensible and bring a rain coat with you.

catwoman___selina_kyle_from_dc_comics_by_whitelemon-d6twahoThis FANTASTIC Catwoman cosplay just makes me want to support Anne Hathway’s future endeavors even that much less.

labyrinth___jareth__the_goblin_king_by_faeryx13-d6uaa6p“Yeah, and then Bowie stopped playing music and starting making bubbles.” (Thanks for the cool Jareth cosplay.)

trying_to_reach_your_heart_by_dalincosplay-d6tw4i4This is a pretty great Macross Frontier cosplay; What’s not as great, is the fact that no one is offering to help this girl up.

kimberly_ann_hart_by_elle_cosplay-d6to4zcI don’t think I’ve ever seen a “civilian-wear” Power Rangers cosplay before, but I dig it!



Dig my choices? Got a cool cosplay you want to show off with the world?Kindly leave a comment, email me , check out my YouTube channel, or hit me up on the Twitter machine.

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  1. RG says:

    ^ f’real. I remember when people just liked stuff.

  2. ThyHoopyFrood says:

    What’s with the Anne Hathaway jab?