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Cosplay Friday #36: Anime Expo Edition

cosplay-friday-featuredHere we are, friends – back with another edition of Cosplay Friday! This is the part where I usually make some sort of semi-witty (at least I like to hope so) comments about how I’ve scoured the internet for the weeks funniest, most fantastic, and downright freaky cosplays you’ve ever seen. However, this week, I didn’t need to look far.

I got the chance to attend Anime Expo in sunny Los Angeles (if you don’t say sunny, people will think you mean that OTHER Los Angeles), and figured what better time to get into the cosplay photo game for myself? Armed with only a camera and some mediocre photography skills, I hit the expo floor to find my favorite cosplayers of the convention. Here’s what I was lucky enough to find.

(Also, all of these folks were really nice, so I may have to tone down the snark factor a tad, this week. Fear not; I’ll be back to being a lovable jerk in 7 days time.)

DeathstrokeA rare calm patch, in the Anime Expo madness. Maybe it has something to do with Deathstroke’s giant sword. Or the fact that I screamed, “EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE WAY! I’M TAKING PICTURES!”

SPirited away Chihiro and No-Face are my favorite couple, despite the obvious height difference. (Thanks to Irene Ng and Kwang Han!)

portalAperture Laboratories are really changing their hiring policies for the better. (Thanks to Kimya Ramezani and Kelly Bohart!)

pirateMiss Fortune dares you to mention Jack Sparrow. Double blunderbuss dares you. (Thanks to Vensy!)

Knight Of GoldThe Golden Knight from The Five Star Stories towers over the official merch booth of AX, guarding it’s treasures and hoping for a bathroom break. (Thanks to @CrimsonSinista !)

TMNTThey’re heroes in a half shell and they’re green… and yellow! One of my fave TMNT cosplays ever! (Thanks to Mike Cordero, Angie Hesse and Robert Mancilla)

dr who gangWho said only the Doctor can get his own companion? Exterminate… with extreme friendliness!

BulmaThis is a fantastic Majin Buu. This is also a fantastic Bane armwrestling someone on the ground, that I somehow missed when I snapped this picture. (Thanks to @TaylorDringman)

Balrog“What does cosplay mean? I’m just here to fight!” (thanks to Balrog-Jose!)

Ghibli GangMeet the “Ghibli Gang”; they’re like the kids from Scooby Doo, except less stoned all the time.

Dig my choices? Got a cool cosplay you want to show off with the world?Kindly leave a comment, email me , check out my YouTube channel, or hit me up on the Twitter machine.

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  1. Chris says:

    More like, Majin Boobs…you know what I’m talking about…

  2. Irene Ng says:

    Thanks for posting our picture! 😀

  3. mooglexking says:

    ryoko cosplay was the best I see I think fri or sat day