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Cosplay Friday #32


Halloween is by far, my favorite holiday; the sights, the sounds, the pillow-sacks full of stale candy. I look forward every year to that special night in October when the world is as weird as I am. Did I forget to mention costumes? I spend most of the latter half of my year thinking and planning the perfect Halloween costume. All that work, for one night of glory.

Cosplayers live in that world 24/7. For them. everyday is Halloween, and every costume is just as important. To honor these wonderful soldiers of the costumed arts, I have culled a selection of the web’s coolest, creepiest and craziest cosplays in a feature we like to call Cosplay Friday. It’s like Halloween with less calories. Trick or treat!


theCHAMBA‘s Mario Bros cosplay is pretty great, but we can’t say the same about Mario and Luigi’s jumping aim. This is only going to end in tragedy, fellas.

Thanks to this Misti cosplayer, I am now jealous of an Egg. Don’t look so smug, Togepi.

This Injustice cosplay by Nemu013 proves who the real Wonder Woman is (Hint: It’s the sociopathic girlfriend of the Joker).

Final Fantasy X’s Yuna looks on in fear at the new trailer for Final Fantasy XV trailer. I know… but we have to keep hope alive. *Sobs into keyboard*

Jane, you have my permission to hit Tarzan with that parasol.

Even a teutonic knight like Prussia from Axis Powers Hetalia knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Madoka! Right behind you! No seriously!!! (She never listens)

Snake? Snake? SNAKKKKKKKKKKEEEEE! Get inside and do your homework”

Durarara!! cosplay or Hipster album cover? You decide.

That last spin in the DeLorean may have skewed ole’ Marty McFly’s timeline a bit too much. I’m not complaining, though.

Dig my choices? Got a cool cosplay you want to show off with the world? Kindly leave a quemment, email me or hit me up on the Twitter machine. 

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  1. kigukawaii30 says:

    These were the things that brings nostalgic feelings to me, especially Tarzan and Jane 🙂 Cosplays are great thing that brings people joy especially from quality shops like from .

  2. John says:

    Love that Injustice one, great action pic!