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Cosplay Friday #31


Remember that kid in high school who wore a cloak and carried a walking stick, and could often seen be rocking a top hat? Far from a “weirdo”, that gentlemen was a trendsetter; a hero – nay… a cosplayer.

In honor of that brave top-hatted man in all of our lives, I’ve compiled a selection of the internet’s best, brightest, boldest and bizarrest cosplay for your viewing pleasure in a lil’ piece we like to call Cosplay Friday.

 What ever happened to those brave souls willing to face the jeers of their peers, to rock their individuality? Let’s meet a few, shall we? I hope you brought your top hat (and if not, I’ve got a few spares. But clean em’ after using them, please. ‘Cause… gross).

Something’s up with deviantART’er Maho-Urei’s Jack cosplay; his weird freaky baby skeleton hand.

Brave is understatement for this Merida cosplay, because while she looks like she’s holding that hawk, it’s actually flying away with her.

Hetalia cosplay or Urban Outfitters ad?

I think the coast is clear for these Attack on Titan cosplayers, unless there particular Titans are pretty small.


This Ice Queen by Kida Takashi  is definitely impressive, but what’s more impressive is the fact that the ice cup isn’t melting.

This Assassins Creed cosplay shows there’s more than one way to take out a target. This, is the sexy way.

Sometimes no caption will suffice. Thanks for making my job easier, KimberlyStudio!

vaxzone’s Hatsune Miku should be more concerned that her friend is about to fall than with whatever is up in the sky.

Sure, this is a sweet Macross cosplay, but inconsiderate of those who want to use those steps.

Dig our choices? Got a cool cosplay you want to show off with the world? Kindly leave a quemment, email me or hit me up on the Twitter machine. 

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  1. Matt Cohen says:

    I was not under the impression I posted anything negative, and on reading back to make sure, I am still under that impression 🙂

  2. hello says:

    i dont like how u guys posted negative stuff on some cosplay photos wtf?