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Cosplay Friday #104 – SPACE JAM, ARROW, SNOW WHITE, & More

It’s already that time of year, ladies and gentleman: It’s the start of convention season. Well, it is for me. I’ll be at Amazing Arizona Comic Con this weekend, and I can’t wait to see what cosplayers are wearing. Taking pictures of cosplayers is so much more fun than looking at photos from fashion week, and I like seeing what trends develop each convention season. Last year was the year of Elsa and Frozen, and this year? Who knows. Fingers crossed I’ll spot at least one Peggy Carter ensemble.

If you’re not at Amazing Arizona, Katsucon, or Gallifrey One this weekend, you can still get your cosplay fix with this week’s Cosplay Friday. The gallery includes Lola from Space Jam, Arsenal from Arrow, Cinderella, and more. Behold:


Lola Bunny (Space Jam) | Source: Stacey Rebecca, photo by Lucas Ambrosio

Have an awesome costume you’d like to share with the class? Share a link to photos in the comments or send pictures to me on Twitter!

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  1. Angus says:

    Wow. That horse almost looks real.

  2. Nick says:

    You know.. I never noticed that it’s spelled “TuneSquad” and not “ToonSquad”…..interesting

  3. Lucas Ambrosio says:

    It would be awesome if you could link my page as well

    I took the Lola Bunny photo 

  4. Jeremy Kohrs says:

    If anyone else is at Amazing Arizona this weekend come check out my booth!  I’m in Artist Alley Booth# D28.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Plus size category is meant for curvy women. That is just you being obese. 

      • I’m very proud of my body. If trying to bring others down makes you feel better about yourself then you live a very sad existence my friend 😉

        • Truth Hurts says:

          I am not trying to bring anyone down. I am just telling you the facts. You labeled yourself as plus size when in fact you are obese.

        • Far says:

          ….I mean yeah…but…it’s usually uncomfortable for a regular person to be wearing such clothes, I mean I have a bit of a belly and I hate my jeans….and not to even mention your health issues….also being proud is usually reserved for something you worked towards…did you really work to get that? I mean…ok

      • You can't handle the truth says:

        Plus size means anything 1X and beyond, so if anyone is 1X and beyond, they are correct to post plus size. So, anyone who struggles with or accepts their extra poundage is a plus size, whether they are overweight or obese. Go learn something instead posting falsehoods, Truth Hurts. Oh yeah, I am calling BS on the whole “not trying to bring one down.” Your name is Truth Hurts.  Your inaccurate truth, was meant to hurt; it was meant to bring someone down.  If you did not want to bring anyone down, you wouldn’t have posted, especially with a name called Truth Hurts.

    • epobirs says:

      Plus what? Two or three other women? A small village that starved for her between meal snacks between snacks?

      • Paul says:

        Just because someone doesn’t fit your ideal image of beauty gives you no right to bash others. You are being a troll.

      • Donnie Lederer says:

        Why was saying that necessary?  Are you going to go out tonight and tell all your friends “Guess what I did?  I made someone feel bad!  it was GREAT!!!”  You’re an ass.

    • Emily Blake says:

      You look awesome.  Way to work that cape, girl.