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CONAN Ended Up in WONDER WOMAN’s Themyscira on His Way To Comic-Con

Themyscira, home of Wonder Woman, is a magical land without men. The Amazons who live there only know about the opposite gender from legends and scrolls. But after Conan O’Brien accidentally ended up on the island…well technically they have now met a man, just not exactly the kind the they had in mind.

This week Conan is once again hosting his show at Comic-Con in San Diego, but on his drive down to “Conan Con” with Andy Richter, the two got into a spat over whose musical preferences should reign supreme. After being kicked out of the truck, Conan used his “World War I Plane Finder” app to locate a new method of transportation. However, instead of flying south to San Diego, he went astray and crashed near the beautiful island of Themyscira. Most men would kill to wash ashore on such a place, but unfortunately for Conan, none of the women who live there were impressed by him. Or even positive he was a man.

Harsh. In fairness, he just got out of the water and that does make a difference. Do they not get Seinfeld on Themyscira?

We can’t defend Conan on the no-tip-on-takeout thing though. You can’t even throw a buck or two for the host? They work hard too, Conan.

So yeah, maybe Conan didn’t get the Steve Trevor treatment. And yes, maybe he was completely emasculated by a bunch of warrior women. And sure, he might have ruined the concept of men forever on Themyscira.


But at least he got to listen to some sweet tunes in Andy’s truck. Even if on Themyscira he learned he’s not sexy. Cause they made sure he knows it.

Images: TBS

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