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A busy weekend is a triple edged sword, and while I’m not sure how you would cut with three edges, I do know that because of the events of this weekend, I was unable to see a new film for three reasons. Reason number one, I was really busy, as I mentioned. Pay attention! Reason number two, I went to the Rockstar Mayhem Festival and had a great time with lots of muddy guys and really loud music. Reason number three, I spent all of my allotted entertainment funds for the weekend at said festival. As an aside, if you have a chance to see Rob Zombie perform, you should. Regardless of how you feel about his films, he is a showman of the highest caliber.

So, I was left with a bit of a conundrum as to how to fulfill the allotted weekly space. I didn’t want to let a week go by with nothing from me; I may cease to exist should I remain silent for a week. I didn’t want to just fill the space, either. Advertisers fill space. I wanted to provide content worthy of this site. Unfortunately, GenCon is not until next weekend. That’s definitely nerdist worthy, but it is not in my wheelhouse, unless I get a chance to screen a film or two, which seems unlikely since I’ll be with my little Star Wars nerd niece. Unless it is Star Wars related, she wouldn’t have the patience for a film screening.

I will now briefly mention the films that I am currently anticipating with the disclaimer that as trailers and additional information is released on these films, my opinion may change. I am not saying that I believe these will be good films. I am not saying that I am the end-all to film opinion. This is just that, my opinion on films in which I am interested in approximate projected release date order.

The Expendables – I like action films, but I have to like one of the stars in an action film, otherwise there is no draw. Does anyone know what this one is about? No. The cast is what people are talking about in this one. Stallone, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Coutre, Austin, Rourke, I’m in.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – A video game movie made from a graphic novel directed by Edgar Wright starring a bunch of fun, young actors. Sounds like a good time.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole – I’ll give anything by Zack Snyder a shot and with the voice talent behind this one, we can only hope it has a good story as well.

Piranha 3-D – I’m going to see this one just because they dared to make it. Elizabeth Shue, Christopher Lloyd, Jerry O’Connell, Ving Rhames and Richard Dryfuss all in 3-D

The Last Exorcism – I don’t know much about this one, but this type of horror usually sticks with me.

Machete – A film made from a fake trailer between Rodriguez and Tarantino’s Grindhouse films. I said it before, who doesn’t love Danny Trejo?

Devil – I love horror and I support new horror releases. Some are good. Most are not. I hope this fits in the former category. It’s about some people, trapped in an elevator, who realize that the devil is among them.

Waiting for “Superman” – Director of An Inconvenient Truth and It Might Get Loud shows us that the education system in America doesn’t work for all involved. Guggenheim adds faces and stories to the statistics.

Howl – Jon Hamm, James Franco and Mary-Louise Parker star in a film that centers on the 1957 obscenity trial of beat generation icon Allen Ginsburg. Important for those that believe in free speech.

Buried – Ryan Reynolds stars as a man who awakens in a coffin with only his lighter and cell phone. Psychological horror, to be sure. A nightmare for the claustrophobic.

Night of the Demons – Another in the rash of remakes. A group of kids go to a Halloween party held in a house where people disappeared or were murdered or whatever the writers made up for this one, blah, blah, blah… demons. I remember the first one being fun, but I haven’t watched it in years and it may not hold up. This one is a maybe.

Let Me In – This American remake of Let the Right One In stars Chloe Grace Moertz from Kick Ass. The original film is my favorite on screen version of vampires. I hope that the American director is able to inject the proper atmosphere into this one.

Nowhere Boy – Aaron Johnson (that’s Kick-Ass to you and me) plays John Lennon a young John Lennon. Should be an interesting story.

Paranormal Activity 2 – I don’t know where they’re going with this one. I’m sure I’m going to get ripped up for saying this, but I enjoyed the first one. The only think I know about the second one is that it has the girl-next-doorish Katie Featherston in it.

My Soul to Take
– Wes Craven writes and directs his first film since New Nightmare. A small town is terrorized by a serial killer that is after a group of children that share the same birthday.

Due Date – Robert Downey Jr. is a father to be. Zach Galifianakis is an actor. They must ride across the country together so that Downey’s character can make it for the birth of his child. From the director of The Hangover, look for a good supporting cast in this one.

Skyline – In what appears to be an alien movie, a group of teenagers is awoken after a night of hard partying to a strange light coming in through the window.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – I don’t really need to say anything about this one.

Bruce Lee – Not a lot of info available about this one, but it is another film about the mysterious Jeet Kune Do founder, philosopher, martial artist and film star. I’m not sure who will play The Dragon, but they will be under heave scrutiny, I’m sure.

Tron Legacy – Unless you’ve been hiding from the sun, you are aware of this one too.

Somewhere – Directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Stephen Dorff this one is about a hard living actor who is forced to re-evaluate his life when his eleven year old daughter makes a surprise visit.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes – Horror in the theatre is something I must support, so I am partially responsible for the load of crap that the studios churn out in hopes that it will be the next big thing in horror, but I’m also partially responsible for the hidden gems that we get from time to time. I hope this is one of those gems. During a police raid on a house in upstate New York, they find video documentation of a serial killer’s crimes

This list is not exhaustive and I am sure you have made up your mind about some of these. That’s great! That’s why they make so many movies. Hopefully, there is at least one on this list that you are excited about; if not, let me know what film you are anticipating. Also, if you have had a chance to see any of these films at screenings or festivals, let me know which one and what you thought.

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  1. melissa says:

    I’m kinda psyched for Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

  2. Trude says:

    I saw “Scott Pilgrim” last week at a special screening via Creative Screenwriting magazine. Suffice it to say, I’d pay to see it again. My review is here:

    Also seriously looking forward to Tron Legacy, after seeing the original Tron a few weeks ago and realizing how much of it still held up, effects-wise! 🙂

  3. Amrehlu says:

    I will vouch for how unbelievably fantastic Rob Zombie is, I saw him on the 23rd of July in NJ and it was ridiculously awesome. Korn still got better crowd love, but they’re Korn, they are liken to Gods that Gods would swoon over meeting.

    The Expendables – I am going to assume betrayed… so they get even by ramming various large things into various small holes, but in a kick ass action packed manner. Looking forward to this one.

    Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World – Agreed, seems like a damn good time, no matter how tired of.. cera..whatever his name is, I am still going to see this.

    Guardians of Ga’Hoole – If you’ve never read the books, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! They might seem like they’re for kids, but trust me all like 15 or 16 are GREAT reads. Owls… with metal flaming claw weapons… EVISCERATION… Mind-control slavery!

    Machete – I am not good with names… but if the movie has the main character being played by the guy who is playing it in this one, or his character at least has an okay bit of screen time, I want to see it cause he is just awesome for some unexplainable reason.

    Bruce Lee – I am not someone in the best shape, I am not someone who actively practices any form of Martial Arts, but Bruce Lee is a hero of mine. I will see this movie 1000 times, then I will see it 1000 more (I enjoy understanding the science behind things that people generally don’t think of as having science behind it, especially fighting).

    Those are the ones from that list that I shall be waiting to see.

  4. Sawyer says:

    I feel the need to point out here that Devil is written (though not directed) by M. Night Shyamalan.

    There’s also The Ward, which is John Carpenter’s return to theatres after a 9 year hiatus.

  5. Crunch says:

    E. Shue… so much hotness circa Karate Kid, but then she had a decent shot at a sex scene in “Leaving Las Vegas” and she ruined the fantasy for me, hahaha.
    Devil intrigues me the most of those – especially if they have the concept steeped in the accuser “playing the part” and seeming to look good doing it. The more mental it is, the more I’ll like it.

  6. Nick Bicbobik says:

    Piranha 3-D, Devil, Machete & maybe the Poughkeepsie Tapes look worthy of an $80 family night at the movies. I’ll wait for the DVDs on Bruce Lee, Waiting for “Superman”, Howl and Nowhere Boy. I’ll catch Harry Potter, and Skyline on TV.
    Those decisions are temporary and subject to change based upon future reviews. I’ll count on you to help me whittle it down, or decide to add a “can’t miss”.
    Keep ’em comin’.

  7. monkeybiz83 says:

    Some of these look good/interesting. However, reading about “Machete” makes me wonder whether anybody has details about the upcoming “Grindhouse” blu-ray release. It’ll supposedly have the full, original release with the trailers, but 1 online retailer lists it as having 2 discs. Does anybody know if the blu-ray release will hopefully keep it in intact for unbroken viewing?

  8. Courtney says:

    whoa. whoa. whoa. how did i not know “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” was a Zack Snyder film with the voices of Ryan Kwanten, Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, and Emilie de Ravin?! obviously i’m seeing this.

  9. Chris Hardwick says:

    I can’t wait for Machete & Nanny McPhee!!!

    (one of those is not true)

  10. Jay Fralick says:

    My optimism for the Fright Night remake comes from the cast. Collin Farrell, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anton Yelchin, Toni Collette and David Tennant. I think the original is fun and cheesy enough, I just hope they don’t take it too seriously. Set for release in October, 2011, I hope they don’t over-hype it and market it properly. I know many are sick of remakes and the mantra of the horror community has been “can we have an original idea for theatrical release?”, but this is one of a few that is ready to be remade.

    Colin Fitz Lives: I hadn’t heard a lot about it, but any movie that has survived since filming in 1997 that still has people talking is one that I’ll need to check out.

    The Other Guys looks pretty funny, but after watching a little more about it, I don’t think that one will get my theater money. It will get my rental money.

  11. The Drummer from Def Leppard's Arm says:

    You forgot “The Other Guys.” Can’t wait for that. Not sure if I can handle “Buried.” Please, Oh, Please I hope somewhere in that movie someone says, “I’m not dead yet.”

  12. indie says:

    where do you stand on the Fright Night remake? I am cautiously optimistic.

  13. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really excited to see Colin Fitz Lives, a movie, and an urban legend.

  14. Gireland142 says:

    Cannot wait for Machete!! If there is somebody who doesn’t love Danny Trejo, I’d like to meet them.
    Great post, keep them coming!