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Comics Relief: Wonder Con 2015 Edition: GREEN LANTERN & STAR TREK Crossover

Welcome to the weekend edition of Comics Relief! This past weekend saw Wonder Con come to the Anaheim Convention Center, and the major comics publishers took the opportunity to reveal new info on some of the year’s most anticipated projects, and even make a big announcement or two, like this one from IDW that surprised just about everyone:

IDW And DC Comics Announce Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War 

In an announcement that pretty much no one saw coming, at WonderCon this weekend, IDW and DC Comics revealed Green Lantern/Star Trek: The Spectrum War, six issue mini-series debuting this July from writer Mike Johnson (Supergirl) and artist Angel Hernández (Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse) The Star Trek timeline that they’re using is the new JJ Abrams reboot Trek, not the original series version. The series is set to feature Hal Jordan and “the entire Green Lantern Corps.”

According to the official description: “Set in Star Trek’s 23rd Century, the balance of the universe will be tested when the Green Lantern Corps’ Power Rings come into the possession of certain Star Trek characters while a dark and powerful evil looms around every corner. Only the combined power of the Green Lantern Corps and the Federation stand any chance of stopping those who worship evil’s might.” Based on the cover issue, it looks like at least one Klingon finds a Sinestro Corps yellow ring. That can’t end well. [Comic Book Resources]

Is John Stewart The Justice League’s New Green Lantern?

Speaking of the Green Lantern Corps…could veteran G.L. John Stewart be replacing Hal Jordan as the League’s resident ring bearer? recently Geoff Johns posted this to Instagram:

Hmmm…we know that Johns LOVES Hal, but John Stewart is the Green Lantern for an entire generation who grew up with him as the Justice League’s resident ring slinger on the Bruce Timm/Cartoon Network series from the early 2000’s. Also, considering how much a part of the movie/TV side of things Geoff Johns is, this could mean that Warner Brothers want John as the movie Justice League’s GL, and there’s a little advance corporate synergy going on. Or…maybe BOTH Hal and John Stewart are going to be in the League? [Bleeding Cool]

DC Reveals The One Universe That Is Sitting Convergence Out

DC held a panel on Saturday afternoon focusing on its two month event series Convergence, which kicked off this past week with a zero issue. As many of you who follow this column probably know, Convergence deals with various worlds from the seventy-five years of DC Comics history coming together, some super obscure and not seen in decades (I’m looking at you, world of “Superman Red and Superman Blue.”)

But one world that is definitely not being used in Convergence is the world of Amalgam Comics, from way back in 1995. During the Q&A portion of the panel, a fan asked if the combined DC/Marvel characters of Amalgam, the parallel universe that resulted at the end of the Marvel Vs. DC crossover from twenty years ago, would be part of the event. According to everyone on the panel, due to the fact that Marvel co-owns all those characters, it would be unlikely they could have been used, or really used anywhere, ever again. Oh well, guess well have to leave Dark Claw and the J.L.X in our memories.

Dark Horse Comics Puts A “Bounty” On Marvel’s Star Wars #1

Before Marvel’s recent Star Wars comics burned up the sales charts, for twenty plus years the adventures of those denizens from the Galaxy far, far away were published by rival publisher Dark Horse Comics. To show just how very not bitter they are about losing the Star Wars license to Marvel after so long, Dark Horse is now offering an “ultra-rare” edition variant of the recently announced Barb Wire debut issue, featuring new Adam Hughes art, but only if retailers send in the covers to twenty copies of Marvel’s recent Star Wars #1. Oh, the ultimate shade of it all! [Newsarama]

Classic Sherlock Holmes  Adaptation Coming To IDW

IDW Brings Sherlock Holmes & Sigmund Freud Together For The Seven-Per-Cent-Solution DW Publishing announced their latest comic book adaptation of a popular prose novel at their panel Saturday afternoon with The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, the book which was written by Nicholas Meyer and released in 1974 (yes, the same Nicholas Meyer who directed two of the best Star Trek movies ever, The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country.) The book will be adapted by the writing team of Scott and David Tipton, with artist Ron Joseph and cover artist Kelley Jones. The five-issue miniseries is slated to debut this August.

Here’s IDW’s official description: “‘The Seven-Per-Cent Solution is a ‘rediscovered’ Sherlock Holmes adventure that recounts the astonishing and previously unknown collaboration of Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud, as recorded by Dr. John H. Watson. In addition to recounting this remarkable collaboration on a case of diabolic conspiracy, it reveals the real identity of Holmes’s nemesis Professor Moriarty, a dark secret shared by Sherlock and his brother Mycroft Holmes, and the detective’s true whereabouts during the Great Hiatus, when the world believed him to be dead.” [Comic Book Resources]


Are A Magical Avengers On The Way? 

Not a lot of new announcements were made at the Marvel: Next Big Thing Panel at Wonder Con (how about actually announcing the next big thing at one of these, instead of telling us stuff we already know? That goes for you too DC.) but we did learn that writer Rick Remender is looking to do a book that teams up Marvel’s biggest magically powered heroes, kind of their version of DC’s Justice League Dark. Obviously, Dr. Strange would have to be on this team, but who else would make the cut? Brother Voodoo? Scarlet Witch? The possibilites are endless. Besides, what’s one more Avengers team at this point?

It’s Wedding Bells For Valiant’s X-O Manowar

DC and Marvel might be obsessed with keeping their superheroes un-hitched and single, but Valiant comics doesn’t seem to have that problem at all with their heroes, as they’ve announced that this coming July, in X-O Manowar #38, you are cordially invited to the most momentous event of the summer…The Wedding Of X-O Manowar! Issue #38 will be an oversized, 48-page wedding spectacular uniting Aric of Dacia, aka  X-O Manowar, with his new love, Saana of Loam, before “a cast of special guests from across the Valiant Universe”  This issue will be brought to you by  writer Robert Venditti (Green Lantern) and  artist Rafa Sandoval (Ultimate Hawkeye) Featuring covers by Rafa Sandoval, Cary Nord, CAFU, Jay Fabares, and Tom Fowler. Be sure to RSVP for this July. [Newsarama]


Got a favorite piece of news coming out of Wonder Con? Let us know in the comments below!

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