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Comics Relief: DC Celebrates 50 Years Of TEEN TITANS, New PACIFIC RIM Mini-Series Announced, & SECRET WARS News Galore

Welcome to the weekend edition of Comics Relief! In today’s column, we have news on the lineup of Marvel’s newest Avengers team, a member of the Fantastic Four defecting to another famous Marvel family, the return of the Jaegers and Kaiju of Pacific Rim, and more Secret Wars announcements than you can shake a stick at. But first, DC celebrates fifty years of one of their most beloved and iconic teams…

DC Celebrates 50 Years of The Teen Titans With Video Showcasing Every Member

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of DC’s Teen Titans and to celebrate, the folks at DC Entertainment have put together a video which features every single member of the team over the last half century…and it’s a whole lot of teenagers. Sure, some of the characters here were only members for a hot minute (it feels like in the ’90s and 2000s, they just let anybody join), but they were still members. Yours truly has been a huge Titans fans since age six, and there are a few members here I don’t even recognize. Interestingly enough, the video also counts the same characters like Dick Grayson and Roy Harper as different heroes once they change codenames and costumes. Check out the video below, and see how many members you remember.

ICYMI: Legendary Comics Announces New Pacific Rim Mini-Series

The world of Guillermo del Toro’s movie Pacific Rim is slated to make a major comeback this year as part of Legendary Comics, who have revealed plans for Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift, the official new comic series featuring a story from Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham. A continuation of the graphic novel, Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, this new series will feature Jaegers never before seen in combat, squaring off against newly created Kaiju creatures. The new series comes from writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and features artwork by Marcos Marz. Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift will be a four-issue monthly series, and will be released in November of 2015. For more info, click on our story here.

Marvel Reveals Full Line-Up For The All-New, All- Different Avengers, Plus The Uncanny Inhumans 

In the last edition of Comics Relief, we showed you part of the new team line-up for the All-New, All-Different Avengers, and now we have the full team reveal, just as we suspected we would. Joining Ms. Marvel, Thor and the Vision, we’ve got Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, Iron Man (although probably not Tony Stark), Sam Wilson as Captain America, and Nova. The book will be written by Mark Waid, with art by Mahmud Asrar.

Also revealed is the line-up of Marvel’s forthcoming Uncanny Inhumans title, and there’s one big surprise among the bunch: Johnny Storm, a.k.a. The Human Torch. The former Fantastic Four member is joining the queen of the Inhuman’s royal family, Medusa, alongside Triton and newcomers Inferno, Iso, and Naja. Although Johnny isn’t an Inhuman, he was the first Marvel hero to encounter them, and spent a long time dating the Inhuman named Crystal. The new Uncanny Inhumans series will be written by Charles Soule, with art by Brandon Peterson.

The All-New, All-Different Avengers and Uncanny Inhumans titles will premiere as part of Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offering on 2 May, along with a Secret Wars #0. [Wired]

Marvel’s The Defenders Return, With A New Captain Britain In Charge

In other Secret Warsrelated news, Marvel has announced the return of another classic super team — or, at the very least, a classic super team’s name — as Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders launches as a two part mini-series in July. Written by The Mighty Avengers’ Al Ewing and with art by the legendary Alan Davis (Excalibur), Marvel has released this description for the series: “Welcome to Battleworld — where, in what’s left of Mondo-City One, Boss Cage is the law! When the fascist futuropolis annexes neighboring Yinsen City, who’ll stand up for Ho Yinsen’s dream of universal peace?If you liked the Mighty Avengers — you’ll love the Mighty Defenders!”

The Defenders, as a concept, has been around since the early ’70s at Marvel with an ever-changing lineup of heroes among its ranks. As a result, it’s often referred to as “the non team.” For this new version, Faiza Hussain returns to the role of Captain Britain, along with White Tiger, Kid Rescue, Hobie Brown, and She-Hulk. These characters will now be brought into a power struggle between two neighboring Battleworld cities.

Netflix is eventually going to be bringing the Defenders as one of their Marvel shows, but almost certainly with a totally different line-up of heroes. [Blastr]

DC Comics Reveals Guide To Convergence 

DC’s much hyped about event series Convergence is but a week away from kicking off with Convergence #0. We’ve see a video from DC’s Dan DiDio explaining the basic gist of the story, and now via their official blog, DC has launched an interactive Guide to Convergence that gives you details on each of the captured worlds that make up Brainiac’s hodge-podge world. Right now, you can see over twenty DC timelines represented, with more to be added soon. You can check them out at this link: [DC]


Dark Horse Collects Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot In An All-New Hardcover Edition

Dark Horse Comics have announced they are publishing a new hardcover edition of Geoff Darrow and Frank Miller’s Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot, with Dave Stewart coming in to re-color the series some twenty years after it first appeared as a two-part comic in the summer of 1995. In addition, the hardcover will include rare Darrow character pin-ups and more extra materials.

The series was about an attack on Tokyo by a giant reptilian creature, and the failure of the newly commissioned Rusty the Boy Robot to stop the threat. Subsequently, Japan requested help from the U.S. Armed Forces, whose ultimate defense was the robot “Big Guy”, and the two team up to save the day. The comics spawned a short-lived animated show as well. The new hardcover is set to come out later this year. [Newarama]

Spider-Island Returns, Along With Mayday Parker, The Spider-Girl

Before we close this weekend’s column, we’ve got one more Secret Wars bit of news for you. While most of the Marvel events making a comeback due to Secret Wars are what would be considered “classics”, it isn’t just older Marvel stories that are getting their chance in the spotlight again thanks to Secret Wars; the fairly recent Spider-Island saga, which originally came out in 2011, is becoming a part of Battleworld as well. Secret Wars: Spider-Island will feature a lead story revisiting the event, written by Christos Gage with art by Paco Diaz. The book will also feature a secondary story featuring a return of Spider-Girl Mayday Parker, as well as the entire MC2 universe, with key creators Tom Defalco and Ron Frenz.

According to Gage, the lead story in Spider-Island is set in an alternate timeline where Spider-Queen won that day instead of being thwarted by Spider-Man. Spider-Island‘s secondary story will feature Mayday and the return of the MC2 heroes; it starts off with Mayday’s decision to transition from the name Spider-Girl to Spider-Woman. [Comics Beat]


Which of these bits of comics news has you the most excited? Let us know in the comments below!


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