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Comics Relief: TANK GIRL Tidbits, A New / Old HELLBOY Monster, and DETHLOK #1

It’s another new comic book day in this week’s Comics Relief. Did you pick up Gotham Academy #1? Because it seems to be making a lot of pick of the week-type lists online. The new Thor ain’t half-bad, either, and there’s more Hellheim from Cullen Bunn.

And we’ve got a nice assortment of odds and ends from around the web today including Tank Girl by Ashley Wood, a new (old) monster from Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, and the return of (a new) Dethlok!


Mike Mignola Takes Frankenstein Underground

Alex Zalben talks with the Hellboy creator about his 2015 miniseries Frankenstein Underground, featuring everyone’s favorite allegory for man’s folly in attempting to master the powers of life and death.

The writer and artist on linking Frankenstein Underground with the wider B.P.R.D. universe:

“This is the juggling act: trying to find threads from other books, connecting them up, saying, “this thing is referenced in B.P.R.D. so can I go back in and give it a little bit more of that information?” The trick with this is always, the more people read, the more fleshed out the world, and its history, is.” [MTV]


Ninja, Ninja Rap(pel)

Writers Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride and artist Michael Lee Harris debut their new comic Snow Ninjas of the Hymalayas. Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like plus features plenty of shuriken taking out some gun arms. You can read the webcomic for free on the Fireside Press site. [Fireside Press]


A New Dethlok Arises!

Yesterday, Marvel released preview pages for Nathon Edmonson and Mike Perkins’ Dethlok #1, which swaps out unwilling cyborg killer Michael Collins with all-new cyborg killer Henry Hayes. The first issue is on sale October 29 and features variant covers by Clayton Crain and Skottie Young (although I’m quite partial to the toy cover).


She’s Got the Power (of Tank Girl

Ashley Wood does Tank Girl this week as a trio of new stories in Titan Comics’ The Power of Tank Girl make their debut in Comic Book Resources’ preview. [Comic Book Resources]


The Oatmeal: Hell is Other Passengers

In “The Crap We Put Up With Getting on and Off of an Airplane,” The Oatmeal finds that maybe the only thing worse than draconian airport regulations are the passengers who still complain about them. [The Oatmeal]


Artist Amy Reeder Asks For Space at NYCC

Rocket Girl artist Amy Reeder created this nifty anti-harassment poster for New York Comic Con (which runs next week). Take this as gentle cue that you can have a great time, meet new people, and geek the hell out – but just do it with a little respect. [Comics Alliance]


Sex Tips From a Pair of Sex Criminals (Not Really!)

Sex Criminals co-creators Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky offer up a NSFW sexy sex guide to those of you out there with questions about coitus. Warning: only gymnasts or people with crazy spines need apply. Please let this become a regular feature. [Entertainment Weekly]

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