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Comics Relief: SAGA Leads 2015 Eisner Nominations, ASH & VAMPIRELLA Team Up, and Marvel’s A-FORCE Revealed

In this week’s Comics Relief, we’ve got Marvel news a-plenty, including the line-up for the the all female Avengers known as A-Force, and more Secret Wars rumors. But first, the Eisner Award nominees for 2015 have been announced… check below to see if any of your favorites have been honored…

The Eisner Award Nominations for 2015 Announced 

The nominations for the 2015 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards have been announced, with Marvel Entertainment, DC Entertainment and Fantagraphics each receiving 18 nods across the board, and Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan leading the way in terms of individual creator nominations with four. Also racking up the nominations this year this year are the new Ms. Marvel series from Marvel and Grant Morrison’s Multiversity, as well as The Walking Dead, Sandman: Overture, Lumberjanes, and Hawkeye. You can check out the full nominations at the following link: [Hollywood Reporter]

Ash and Vampirella Hook Up Team Up for New Dynamite Mini-Series

Sometimes they announce comic book crossovers that make about as much sense as Archie Vs Sharknado (see last week’s Comics Relief if you don’t believe that’s a thing) and then others make perfect sense… like Vampirella meeting Ash from the Evil Dead series. And that’s just what Dynamite Entertainment is announcing with the July release of Vampirella / Army of Darkness #1, the first issue in a four-issue miniseries that sets everyone’s favorite S-Mart employee Ash Williams against the classic horror hostess-turned-heroine Vampirella, for the first time in comic history.

Written by Mark Rahner and featuring artwork by Jethro Morales, the events of Vampirella / Army of Darkness take place during Ash Williams’ time trapped in the England of 1300 A.D. According to the official description, “when the terrified, primitive screwheads approach the Chosen One with tales of a horrific flying Deadite — one similar to the one he blasted out of the air when first arrived, but much deadlier — Ash sets out with his boomstick and chainsaw to protect his adopted people. At the same time, a raven-haired temptress wants to give him some sugar… as his last meal!” Vampirella / Army of Darkness hits this July [Newsarama]

Supergirl Joins the Justice League 3001. But Which Supergirl??

In this week’s DC Comics Solicitations for July, it was revealed that Supergirl is joining the Justice League 3001 title…. but which Supergirl? The cover image looks like the ’90s Supergirl, AKA Matrix, and it’s certainly not the Supergirl from the New 52. The pre-New 52 Blue Beetle and Booster Gold joined the book when it was still Justice League 3000, so maybe it’s possible she’s from their ’90s era timeline? This issue is written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, with art and cover by Howard Porter. Below is  Porter’s cover for Justice League 3001 #2… maybe you can figure out just which Supergirl this is supposed to be. Helen Slater, is that you?

TV’s Bob’s Burgers Gets an Ongoing Series at Dynamite This July

The Bob’s Burgers mini-series that came out last year from Dynamite Entertainment was a success, so it’s no surprise that they’re bringing out the series again, but this time as an ongoing. The only creators mentioned in Dynamite’s initial press release are Loren Bouchard, the show’s, and series writer Mike Olsen, who works on the show as a script supervisor, and wrote the Halloween-themed “Fort Night” episode, one of the highlights of the series. After a one-shot debut on Free Comic Book Day next month, the series will kick off in July with five different variant covers, which you can check out in the gallery below. [Comics Alliance]

Marvel Announces The Core Membership For Their All-Female Avengers, The A-Force

Although it’s been a few months since the all-female Avengers team book A-Force was announced, we didn’t know which characters would make the line-up, as the cover for A-Force #1 seemingly featured every single major Marvel heroine. But thanks to, we now have our core group, and it’s a somewhat surprising one. Not surprising though is the reveal that She-Hulk seems to be  the leader (she IS front and center on the cover for a reason) along with Dazzler, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman, the Runaways’ Nico Minoru, and Medusa of the Inhumans. For more on each member, click here: []

 Is Secret Wars a Reboot or Not? (Make Up Your Mind, Marvel!)

In an interview with the Verge, Marvel E.I.C. Axel Alonso was asked once again if the result of Secret Wars would in fact be a rebooted Marvel Universe. I guess, to get all Obi-Wan, it depends on our certain point of view? According to Alonso, in regards to it being a reboot or not, he said, “Yeah, I’d say that’s what this is. It’s ultimately for the readers to decide what they’re seeing. What I will say is that we don’t believe our continuity or our universe is broken. We don’t believe it needs to be fixed. And I think that this story will bear that out. We have a tremendous opportunity here to transform the Marvel universe in a way that makes for incredible stories down the road, for the next 10, 20 years worth of publishing. This is an instance where we’re going to be bringing into the Marvel universe new characters, new regions, new concepts, and, in certain cases replacing, out of necessity, some pieces that were on the board. And it’s going to make this a lively debate on the internet and beyond.” I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out like everyone else. [The Verge]


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