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Comics Relief: STAR WARS Comics News Galore, Bruce Timm’s New JUSTICE LEAGUE, and Yes, ARCHIE VS. SHARKNADO

Welcome, boys and girls, to the weekend edition of Comics Relief! In today’s column, we’ve got news on Bruce Timm’s latest iteration of the Justice League, the latest (and very unexpected) Archie crossover, and the obligatory Secret Wars news. But first, since we’re all of us right now in a Star Wars state of mind, some comics news from that galaxy far, far away….

Marvel Officially Announces Star Wars: Shattered Empire Creative Team

We know after yesterday’s epic trailer reveal for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you’re all in a bit of a Jedi mood, so we’re gonna lead off with some very cool Star Wars comics news from Marvel. Revealed at this week’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, the previously announced Star Wars: Journey to the Force Awakens -Shattered Empire is officially going to be written by legendary comics writer Greg Rucka and illustrated by Avengers World artist Marco Checchetto.

According to Marvel’s Jordan White, “The world has been wondering what happened after the fall of the Empire since the credits first rolled on Return of the Jedi in 1983. Now, on the dawn of the next chapter of the saga, we’re incredibly proud to be involved in revealing the events that happen immediately following the end of Return of the Jedi!” As with all the Marvel Star Wars books, these are part of the newly formed canon, and made in conjunction with Lucasfilm. The first issue of Shattered Empire now officially hits in September.

Bruce Timm’s Justice League: Gods and Monsters Gets Comic Book Lead In Series

Bruce Timm is THE man when it comes to DC Animation, having been behind such classics as Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Justice League Unlimited, and many of Warner Bros.’ and DC’s straight-to-DVD offerings. Although he stepped back from the day to day of those movies after the 2012 release of Warner Animation’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Bruce Timm is back, with an all-new animated movie called Justice League: Gods and Monsters, which re-imagines Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in totally new (and much darker) ways.

Along with the animated film, DC Comics will be releasing a special prequel comic series before the movie comes out, detailing the origins of these very different versions of DC’s mighty trinity. Check out the DC All Access interview with Timm, as he discusses the origins of the movie, as well as its comic book tie-ins.

Archie Vs. Sharknado Is A Real Thing. Really.

We’ve had Archie vs Predator, Archie vs Zombies (Afterlife with Archie) and even Archie vs the Punisher, way back in the day. Now we have maybe the ultimate Archie pop culture crossover, as the kids from Riverdale face off against….Sharknado. Yup, Archie vs. Sharknado is a real thing people, this isn’t someone trying to pull your leg. The special one-shot is scheduled for release on July 22, the same day Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! debuts on the cable network. The comic will be written by Sharknado director Anthony C. Ferrante, with art by Archie mainstay Dan Parent. As for the story, a bunch of flying sharks come to Riverdale and try to eat people. What, you were expecting Maus? [Comic Book Resources]

Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee Team Up for New Bay Area Comic Con

In news that I don’t think anyone say coming, Apple co-founder and billionaire Steve Wozniak has teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new convention in San Jose, coming next March 19-20th. The Silicon Valley Comic Con, as it will be called, has also acquired Big Wow as a subsidiary convention, and will be promoting the new event at the Big Wow Con starting tomorrow.

While Stan Lee probably won’t have that much to do with the putting the con together, having his name attached all but guarantees he’ll at least be the guest of honor. It’s been over three years since the Bay Area lost WonderCon to Southern California after some thirty years up north, so a big con with the backing of billionaire behind it is just what the fan community up there has been waiting for. [Bleeding Cool]

Comics Artist Ty Templeton Suffers Heart Attack

This is the kind of news item I always hate having to write; 52 year old writer and artist Ty Templeton, probably known for his work on The Batman Adventures series from the ’90s as well as recently Batman ’66 Meets Green Hornet and his own Bun Toons, is in a medically induced coma after suffering a heart attack. According to his wife KT Smith, “The plan is to take him off both the sedatives and the ventilator tomorrow. He is in critical but stable condition. His location will change in the next few days depending on his condition.” Templeton has a long list of credits, including  Simpsons Comics, The Batman and Robin Adventures, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and more. He was inducted last years into the Canadian Comic Book Hall of Fame. We here at Nerdist wish him the speediest of recoveries. [Comic Book Resources]

Toys R’ Us Chain to Have Exclusive Secret Wars Comic

It’s not a Comics Relief column without some mention of Marvel’s Secret Wars, although this Secret Wars story is a bit unexpected. According to reports, retail giant Toys R Us will be publishing a Secret Wars tie-in comic that you can only get in one of their stores, It’ll be a prelude to one of the Secret Wars series, Armor Wars 1/2 from writer James Robinson and artist Mark Bagley, and will be available to anyone who, from May 3rd, spends more than $25 in store. [Bleeding Cool]

Star Wars: Legends Comes to Marvel Unlimited

We begin this week’s Comics Relief with Star Wars, and we shall end it with Star Wars, as Marvel Unlimited is welcoming the Star Wars Legends universe of digital comic books into Marvel Unlimited, and to help celebrate, for a limited time, Marvel Unlimited, the publisher’s Netflix-style subscription service, is offering new and returning subscribers their first month free. For the first month of a Marvel Unlimited monthly subscription, new and returning subscribers will be able to enjoy free access to over 500 Star Wars Legends digital comic books along with over 15,000 digital Marvel comics. Star Wars Legends is the new designation for the previous twenty plus years of Star Wars stories that were formerly known as “The Expanded Universe,” most of which were previously published by Dark Horse Comics.


Got opinions on this week’s comics news? Let us know in the comments below!

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