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Comics Relief: MY LITTLE PONY Humble Bundle is Anything But Little

Time for your weekend edition of Comics Relief, where in this installment we’ve got news on all kinds of books from DC, Marvel, and other major publishers. First off however, IDW Entertainment has some news that should make Bronies everywhere very, very happy. Read on for all the details….

IDW and Humble Bundle team up for huge My Little Pony bundle

Here is some fantastic news for all you Bronies and Pegasisters out there: publisher IDW is teaming up with Humble Bundle to bring fans the ultimate My Little Pony comics bundle, offering not just digital comics, but actual physical comics as well. IDW is offering a Humble-exclusive 48-page paperback collection when you make a donation at the $25 level, complete with a brand new wraparound cover.

For this particular bundle, the pay-what-you-want level, which starts at just one cent, will get you the first five volumes of the ongoing My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic series, two volumes of the spotlight stories in Pony Tales and three more of Friends Forever. At the $15 level, one gets nine volumes of the ongoing, six of Friends Forever, and the two Pony Tales, plus a huge selection of various one-shots and collections. This is a Brony’s dream come true, and fans have until next week to take advantage. For more info, click through. [Comics Alliance]

DC All Access on the All-Female Justice League

The creative team of writers Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis brought levity and humor to the Justice League series back in the late ’80s, and re-teamed recently to bring the same brand of humor to the future League in Justice League: 3001. Although initially a series about clones of the JLA in the far-flung future, the book evolved to become an all-female version of the League. Although the series is ending with the coming of DC Rebirth, DC All Access caught up with writer J.M. DeMatteis to talk about the end of the female League of the future:

Harley Quinn Loot Crate Exclusive coming in this Fall’s hardcover collection

Recently, Loot Crate and DC Comics teamed up for Harley Quinn comic exclusive. Unfortunately, if you weren’t a fan who got your hands on that particular Loot Crate, you were out of luck..until now that is. DC is releasing the Loot Crate exclusive Harley comic as part of the next Harley Quinn hardcover collection from Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, in the Harely Quinn Volume 5 hardcover which hits this September, and is already available for pre-order on Amazon. [Bleeding Cool]

Marvel reveals final Mosaic teaser image

Who or what “Mosaic” is has been teased by Marvel for the past week, who have been revealing images of puzzle pieces, with classic Marvel characters illustrated within. But the question remained: who or what is Mosaic? Turns out, with all the pieces released and shown together as one image, Mosaic is a woman, whose nature will be revealed in Uncanny Inhumans #11. This is the latest move by Marvel to push the Inhumans as their next X-Men, an initiative that has had mixed results so far. You can check out the final Mosaic image above. [Newsarama]

Writer Joshua Williamson signs exclusive deal with DC Comics

Writer Joshua Williamson, best known for comics like Birthright, has just signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics that has him not only writing the new Flash series for the big DC Rebirth event, but also creating new exclusive content for Vertigo. According to DC’s press release, In addition to launching The Flash in June, Williamson will also make his Vertigo debut in September with Frostbite, a new six-issue miniseries joining the title lineup. Jason Shawn Alexander (Batman: Arkham City) will accompany Williamson on the book, handling art duties. Frostbite is a sci-fi series set in a world following the dawn of a new ice-age.

Williamson said in a statement, “For a comic book writer, this is a dream come true. There aren’t too many people that get the chance to not only write The Flash, one of my all-time favorite characters, but also work with Vertigo; a publisher that’s been a huge influence on my writing style. DC Comics is an important company to me; I’ve loved these characters all my life and an opportunity to add to their mythology is amazing. It’s an honor to be a part of it.” [Comic Book Resources]

Read the first 22 pages of the Dawn/Vampirella crossover

Two of comics’ biggest scantily-clad superstars of the ’90s are Joseph Michael Linsner’s Dawn and Vampirella. Now the two characters are meeting up in new hardcover collection of  Dawn / Vampirella from Dynamite entertainment. The 144-page book will ship in June featuring an introduction and bonus material by Linsner, and an afterward by Kristen Deak-Linsner. You can check out the first twenty-two pages in our gallery below. [Bleeding Cool]

Images: DC Comics / Marvel Comics / Dynamite Entertainment / IDW Publishing 


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