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Comics Relief: Marvel’s New THANOS Comic, Danny McBride as LOBO, THE WALKING DEAD Artist’s Edition, and More

Happy new comics day, everyone – what are we all reading?

In this installment of Comics Relief, see what Thanos’ son has been up to, spend some money in the Top Shelf shop (but not too much, it’s a sale), and find out what the writer behind the Fantastic Four movie would do if he got his hands on Lobo.


Top Shelf Is Throwing a Massive Sale (And You’re All Invited)

Top Shelf just launched their regular blowout sale for those of you who are still fans of print books. The publisher is offering some great deals on hardcovers like Alan Moore’s third volume of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ($15), and the massive Infinite Kung Fu ($10). The sale runs through September 26.

[via Top Shelf]


Marvel Brings Thanos: A God Up There Listening to Print

The Infinite Comics digital book is coming to print in October, as writer Rob Williams lets readers spend some time with Thanos’ son, Thane. This morning, the publisher released a preview and the cover in a press release:


Read a Free Chapter of Spy Drama Zero

This Bosnia-set chapter of Ales Kot’s spy comic Zero is up for grabs today through publisher Image. The series imagines what would happen if James Bond existed in the real world, and this, the ninth chapter, follows arms dealer Roman Zizek in the middle of the bloody ethnic conflict.

You can download it via Image Comics, comiXology, iTunes, Google Play, and Dropbox.

[via Ales Kot]


The Walking Dead Gets an Artist’s Edition

Image has decided to show the last major arc in The Walking Dead some love with an Artist’s Proof Edition of issues #115-126, “All Out War.” The 12-issue arc will be presented with Charlie Adlard’s raw pencils as Rick’s and several other communities confront the villain Negan and his band of “Saviors.” The 248=page hardcover will be on shelves October 1 in comic shops and October 8 in book stores.

[via Image]


Comics Bulletin Takes a Look at Classic Marvel Graphic Novels

The publisher has shied away from graphic novels in recent years, but once upon a time, the House of Ideas was the House of glossy, standalone books. Comics Bulletin’s Chris Wunderlich takes a look at John Byrne’s Marvel Graphic Novel #18: She-Hulk, Ernie Colon’s Marvel Graphic Novel #44: Ax, and Don McGregor’s Marvel Graphic Novel #7: Killraven.

[via Comics Bulletin]


Bleeding Cool Deconstructs Grant Morrison

With his horror comic Annihilator out this week from Legendary, Bleeding Cool dissects the work of writer Grant Morrison. This time out, writer Adam X. Smith looks at the dueling morality at the heart of Morrison’s Animal Man run.

I have my own interview with Morrison about Annihilator, which you can read right here.

[via Bleeding Cool]


Please Let Danny McBride as Lobo Happen

Fantastic Four writer Jeremy Slater has some thoughts about a possible Lobo movie that I can’t help but agree with.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. Atte says:

    I don’t know why I ams saying this but….it could work. Hell, it could save that man’s career-big way.

  2. Chris Brocco says:

    Danny McBride as Lobo?…what are they smoking over there?