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Comics Relief: Marvel Reveals the Identity of the New WASP

Welcome to your mid-week edition of Comics Relief, fangirls and fanboys. Lots of news from most of the big publishers this week, but to start off, Marvel Comics have finally revealed the identity of the all-new, all-different hero taking on the mantle of the Wasp. Read on for all the details we have so far….

Marvel’s New Wasp Isn’t Who You Think She Is (But She Also Kinda Is).

It’s been known for a few months now that a new Wasp was coming to the pages of Marvel Comics. Most fans assumed it would be a version of Evangeline Lily’s character from the Ant-Man movie, Hope Van Dyne, who only existed in the comics as an alternate universe daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp. Corporate synergy and such seemed to demand the new Wasp follow in the movie’s footsteps.

Well, that’s not quite how it worked out. It was revealed by writer Mark Waid — in the pages of this week’s All-New, All-Different Avengers that the new Wasp is only Hank Pym’s daughter, and therefore the step-daughter of Janet Van Dyne — and not her biological one, like in the movie. This character didn’t come out of nowhere, as it seems she’s the long lost daughter of Hank Pym and his first wife, Maria, who was supposedly kidnapped and killed by enemy agents way back in the day, as addressed in the original ’60s Stan Lee comics.

Apparently, Maria Pym was pregnant at the time of her kidnapping, where she gave birth behind enemy lines. Her child, which she called Nadia, was raised in the Red Room (think Black Widow) and trained as a fighter by none other than the Winter Soldier. So she’s not Hope, but she kind of is — after all, in Russian, the translation for the word “hope” is Nadia. Clever, Waid.  [Newsarama, Bleeding Cool]

Gerard Way Previews New Young Animal Art

It was announced not too long ago that My Chemical Romance singer and Umbrella Academy writer Gerard Way was “curating” a new line of comics from DC called “Young Animal,” which will feature new, eccentric takes on iconic DC properties like The Doom Patrol and Shade, the Changing Man (now the Changing Girl).

Via his blog, Way has revealed some early art from the new impint. These drawings provide a new idea of what to expect from the line when it debuts this coming fall, including art from Nick Derington (who drew the Robotman from Doom Patrol below) and Marley Zarcone. You can see some examples of the Young Animal concept art if you check out Way’s blog, where he’s posted several images. [Comic Book Resources]

Oni Press Introduces New Sex-ed focused imprint

It was announced this week that indie publisher Oni Press are launching a new imprint called Limerence Press,which will be focusing on erotic and sex education-focused books. Limerence will begin publishing this fall with a print version of  Oh Joy Sex Toy, the educational (as well as comedic) web comic from Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan.

The new imprint will focus on “positive, diverse, and approachable stories that reflect a wide variety of emotional and intimate experiences.” In the press release, Oni Press Managing Editor Ari Yarwood stated “as a queer lady, I’m invested in publishing erotica and sex education comics that reflect the wonderful spectrum of human sexuality.”

Limerence will launch the first three volumes of  Oh Joy Sex Toy sometime in the fall, starting with Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Oct. 5. Both of those books have been previously released through Kickstarter, and are available online. Volume 3 is being released via Kickstarter and Limerence on Nov. 9, and each edition will feature a different cover. [Comic Book Resources]

BOOM! Studios Say Goodbye to the Peanuts Gang

Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts gang will soon be leaving BOOM! Studios for greener pastures, but before they leave, the publisher is ending their time with the beloved characters this summer, with a special oversized issue. After five years, thirty-nine issues, four original graphic novels, and a tribute book, the last installment will be called the Peanuts Friends Forever 2016 Special. According to BOOM!, this will be “…a warm goodbye filled with love and heart for all devoted Peanuts readers!” The special will release on July 6, 2016. [Bleeding Cool]

The Valiant Summit is coming

DC and Marvel are all about the big splashy announcements and live events these days, and now it looks like publisher Valiant Comics is following in their footsteps with #VALIANTSUMMIT 2016, a live event and Periscope livestream set for Tuesday May 17 at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in NYC.

This will be — as described by the publisher — “an exclusive live presentation revealing a massive round of breaking news for the largest independent superhero universe in comics” Most of the publisher’s big name writers and artists will be included. To find out more, click on the following link: [Comics Beat]

Dynamite’s Latest Humble Bundle Is All About Garth Ennis

The folks at Dynamite Entertainment have announced that they’re making their latest Humble Bundle digital comic offer centered around the work of superstar comics writer Garth Ennis. This latest promotion — which will feature over 130 issues — is set to run through Wednesday, May 25. Among the titles included will be The Boys, which has recently been optioned for a TV series, as well as Ennis’ Battlefields, and The Shadow. The Essential Garth Ennis Humble Bundle can be found at the this link. [Bleeding Cool]

DC Previews Four New Rebirth Variant Covers

A few more variant covers for DC’s Rebirth titles have hit online, this time for the books hitting on June 8th. The latest set of  covers are for The Flash: Rebirth #1  by Jason Pearson, Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 by Stanley Lau, Detective Comics #934  by Rafael Albuquerque, and Action Comics #957 by Ryan Sook. You can check them all out in our gallery below: [Newsarama]

Images: Marvel Comics / DC Comics / Dynamite Entertainment / BOOM! Studios / Oni Press


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