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Comics Relief: Marvel Reprints 10 Classic DEADPOOL Comics in January for $1

Welcome to the weekend edition of Comics Relief! In today’s installment, we’ve got tidbits on the latest all-ages comics from the amazing duo of Art Baltazar and Franco, plus the return of the Green Lantern lost army before we even had time to be sad that they were gone. But first, Deadpool is getting a ton of his best stories reprinted for a low, low cost this coming January, just in time for his big movie. Read on for all the details.

Marvel to reprint ten classic Deadpool Comics in January for $1 each

With Deadpool’s big screen debut coming in February (we won’t count X-Men: Origins -Wolverine. We know Ryan Reynolds doesn’t) Marvel is capitalizing on the upcoming buzz surrounding the character by releasing ten new issues of their low-cost True Believers titles featuring the character. All ten books will be available in comic shops this January for just $1.

These True Believers titles are designed to be jumping off points for some of Deadpool’s most popular story lines. The issues include reprints of his first appearance back in 1991, his origin story, and even his recent wedding. Among the titles reprinted for just a buck are New Mutants #98 (his first ever appearance) Wolverine Origins #25, Cable & Deadpool #38, and a whole lot more. For the full list of titles, click on the following link: [Comic Book]

Ethan Van Sciver Returns To Green Lantern for Edge of Oblivion

Many fans were dismayed recently to find out that Green Lantern: The Lost Army, which featured favorite ring-slingers John Stewart and Guy Gardner, would be cancelled this December. And while it’s true that particular book is going away, the wait to see those characters again won’t be too long. DC announced a new series titled Green Lantern: Edge of Oblivion to begin in January. This book will basically be a continuation of Green Lantern: Lost Army, but with new writer Tom Taylor and fan-favorite Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver taking over the story.

The new series finds the John Stewart-led GL Corps trapped back in time, in the universe that existed prior to this one, right before its destruction. According to the official description, “…they’ll face dying gods, worlds torn asunder and a desperate group of survivors whose only hope is this band of ring-bearing cosmic heroes.” It’s not yet known if this is meant to be a new ongoing series, or a limited series. [Newsarama]

Titan Comics Releases Trailer for Assassin’s Creed #1

Although the the movie version of Assassin’s Creed starring Michael Fassbender is permanently delayed for one reason or the other, the comic book version is definitely not suffering from any such delays. Coming from UK imprint Titan Comics, the new book is coming from the creative team of Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery, and Neil Edwards. The new Assassin’s Creed is about a woman named Charlotte de la Cruz, a woman who has a secret in her blood, the genetic memory of an ancestor who was an assassin during the time in Salem of the infamous witch trials. Now the publisher has released a trailer for Assassin’s Creed #1 on YouTube, and you can check it out below. The first issue for Assassin’s Creed was released this past Wednesday, October 14. [Bleeding Cool]

Batman co-creator Bob Kane to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Nearly twenty years after his death, the man who co-created Batman (officially co-created now, as Bill Finger was finally given credit by DC Comics recently) is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kane’s star will be the 2,562nd one added to the prestigious company, and it’s due to be unveiled in a ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

The ceremony will be held in front of the Guinness World Records Museum on Hollywood Boulevard, where the character of Batman will also be presented with the title of “Most Film Adaptations of a Comic Book Character.” Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder and DC’s Jim Lee will speak at the ceremony, where the Batmobile from the new movie will be on display. So…when does the campaign for Bill Finger to get a star on the Walk of Fame begin? (Just kidding… sort of.) [Comic Book Resources]

French comics to continue Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series

Remember when The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was supposed to start a movie trilogy, like how the book trilogy was adapted as three movies overseas? Well, that never happened sadly. There was a graphic novel adaptation from DC Comics/Vertigo as well, but that never made quite the splash they were hoping for either.

But all is not lost for you Millennium trilogy fans. The French comics adaptation from publisher Dupuis is set to continue beyond the books, spinning off into new material featuring the characters of Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander. These new comics will tell their own stories, introduce their own comic book continuity, and not adapt any previous books. The creative team will be Sylvain Runberg as writer, and newcomer artist Belen Ortega, with volume one expected to come out next fall.[Bleeding Cool]

Dark Horse Brings All-Ages Series Action Cat to fans in March

Here’s a story from New York Comic Con that you might have missed: Dark Horse Comics is bringing more family friendly comics from the award winning duo of Art Baltazar and Franco with Aw Yeah Comics: Action Cat! This is the latest in Baltazar and Franco’s series of amazing all-ages comics, which include Itty Bitty Hellboy, Itty Bitty Mask, and of course, DC Comics’ Tiny Titans series.

The upcoming four-issue miniseries features “a new adventure for the valiant Action Cat and his sidekick Adventure Bug as they endeavor to bring comics to the good people of Skokie—even as the insidious Evil Cat lurks behind the scenes.” The all-ages adventures begins in March 2016. [Comicosity]

Badass 103-year-old woman celebrates her birthday as Wonder Woman.

And finally, here’s a story that will warm even the coldest of geek hearts. A woman named Mary Cotter, a resident of Montclair, California, recently celebrated her 103rd birthday by dressing up as her favorite superhero, Wonder Woman. Let’s hope we are all as cool and down to cosplay when we reach the century mark. You can see Mary rockin’ the Amazing Amazon costume in the pic below: [MeTV]

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