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Comics Relief: Marvel Recaps SECRET WARS Before the Big Finale

In this weekend’s installment of Comics Relief, we’ve got news on a long lost comic of Alan Moore’s coming back to print, and an Arrow star tries his hand at writing comics set in the world of the TV series. But first, Secret Wars is almost over, and Marvel wants to catch you up. Read on for all the details.

Marvel Gives Fans a Secret Wars Primer Video Before the Last Issue Drops

Although Marvel’s crossover event series Secret Wars was a big hit for the publisher this year, Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic’s series was plagued with delays. The final issue was supposed to lead into the “All-New, All-Different” Marvel Universe, but the All New Marvel Universe couldn’t wait for it to come out to launch, so in a sense, we kind of already know the outcome of the whole thing. Nevertheless, Marvel wants to be sure you read the final issue (#9), so they’ve made a video recapping the entire event so far. You can check out the video below. Secret Wars #9 hits on January 13.

Hit European Comic Series Dylan Dog Gets New English Language Reprints

You might have never heard of Dylan Dog, but it’s one of Europe’s biggest comics of all time. The series–about a supernatural investigator in the Constantine style–is so big that a movie was made about it with former Superman actor Brandon Routh. But for a variety of reasons, Dylan Dog has had limited exposure in English language reprints. That’s about to change, however, as Epicenter Comics has announced that they are returning Dylan Dog to English language translations. No word yet on when Epicenter is planning to release these books, but with some 400 Dylan Dog stories, they won’t have any shortage of material to translate. [Bleeding Cool]

Alan Moore’s Lost Strip Monster Returns to Life at 2000 A.D.

Alan Moore might be a cranky old wizard these days, and he probably doesn’t like how much money you spend on Marvel or DC books, but the man is a genius. And now one of his long forgotten works of said genius is getting a new lease on life. Monster, a horror strip originally published in the weekly horror anthology  Scream!, will return to print courtesy of publisher 2000 A.D. Monster tells the story of disfigured man who escapes from a life spent locked in an attic, only to turn to murder. For Monster, Moore collaborated with Judge Dredd creator John Wagner. The entire strip of Monster will be collected and reprinted in a 190-page book this July. [Comic Book Resources]

Calvin & Hobbes + The Force Awakens = All The Cuteness

With America still deep in the grip of Star Wars: The Force Awakens fever, artist Brian Kesinger has combined characters from the movie with characters from the beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes in an adorable mashup. These illustrations, based on the classic comic strip, will melt even the coldest of hearts. Who can resist baby Kylo Ren with “Grandpa” Vader, and Rey sliding down a sand dune with BB-8? These will give you all the warm fuzzies. For more on Kesinger’s series, be sure to check out our full story: [Nerdist]

Diamond Comics Announces the Top 500 Comics of 2015

With 2015 now firmly behind us, Diamond Comic Distributors has released their top 500 comics and graphic novels sold for the year. Marvel Comics had a very good year, thanks to their newly acquired license to Star Wars, and their big crossover event series Secret Wars. In fact, Marvel accounts for the majority of the Top 100. BOOM! Studios and IDW Publishing saw several series debut in the Top Ten as well, while DC Comics’ only title to crack the Top 30 was Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1. Ouch! Better luck in 2016, DC.  Also, thanks to the powerhouses of Saga and The Walking Dead, Image Comics continued to own on the graphic novel charts. For the full Top 500 charts, click on the following link: [Comic Book Resources]

John Barrowman to write Arrow digital comics series

The world of the CW hit show Arrow has its own comic book counterpart at DC Comics, as part of DC’s Digital First initiative. Now, one of the actors from the series is trying his hand at writing the comic himself. John Barrowman, who plays villainous Malcolm Meryln on the series, is writing Arrow: The Dark Archer, together with his sister and longtime writing collaborator Carole.

The first chapter of the 12 issues will be released Wednesday, January 13, one week prior to the show’s mid-season premiere. It’ll be available on several digital comics platforms such as the DC Comics App, iBooks,, Google Play, Kindle Store, Nook Store, and iVerse ComicsPlus. For more on this news, read our full story on the subject: [Nerdist]

Jim Lee Shows Fans How to draw in first DC Comics Art Academy Video

Here’s something cool the folks at DC Comics have cooked up recently; it’s something the publisher calls the DC Comics Art Academy, and it’s a series of art tutorials recorded at various conventions during 2015. The first video features DC Co-publisher and art legend Jim Lee giving the lessons. No word yet on who else will be part of the series as it goes on. The first video, which clocks in at thirty-six minutes long, shows Jim Lee drawing Superman and Wonder Woman at Comic-Con in San Diego this past summer. You can watch the video in its entirety below:

Images: Marvel Comics / DC Comics / 2000 AD / Warner Brothers /Epicenter Comics

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