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Comics Relief: Marvel Goes Retro with SPIDER-MAN Treasury Edition

In our weekend edition of  Comics Relief, we’ve got Marvel news aplenty for you, plus a whole lot more. Read on for all the details…

Marvel goes ’70s retro with Spidey Treasury Edition

From the 1970s until about the early ’80s, both DC and Marvel put out oversized “Treasury Editions” of their comics, tabloid-sized magazines featuring their biggest characters. These Treasury Editions were sold in places that didn’t usually sell comics and were a great intro to the worlds of both Marvel and DC for many kids. (There’s a great website dedicated to all these old Treasury Editions for those of you who are curious.)

Now Marvel is bringing back the Treasury Edition, original classic logo and all, for their latest teenage Spider-Man comic. Presented in the classic oversized tabloid format, this latest edition collects the first five issues of Robbie Thompson and Nick Bradshaw’s new series, Spidey. In a press release from Marvel, the publisher said, “Prepare for a webslinging Spider-Man experience like no other when the oversized adventures of teenage Peter Parker are released this June.” You can see the cover image for the new Treasury Edition below:

This visit to the Marvel Offices is a time capsule from the era of bad hair and gimmick covers

Speaking of old school AND Marvel, get ready to step back into the “Way Back Machine,” as they say. A video has surfaced from the archives of MTV news, from the time they paid a visit to the Marvel Comics offices back in 1992. Aside from the stunningly awful hair (except for former X-Men editor Bob Harras, who wisely avoided a mullet) this is a rare glimpse into Marvel at the peak of their glow-in-the-dark, die-cut cover, comic book sales boom.

You can also catch a glimpse of the late writer Mark Gruenwald, best known for his work on Captain America and Squadron Supreme, a respected Marvel veteran who died prematurely just a couple of years later. So turn on some Nirvana, pull out your flannel shirt, and watch the video below in all its glory:

[Jared Osborn via Bleeding Cool]

New Batman v Superman prequel comics explain just why Bats is so darn mad at Supes

With Batman v Superman coming out next month, not only is merchandise starting to be revealed, but so are a series of “prequel” comics to the film focusing on main characters like Batman, Lois Lane, Senator Finch, Superman, and Lex Luthor. A lot of these mini-comics actually give good insight into the state of minds of the characters prior to the events of the movie. The comics are part of a promotion with Dr. Pepper, and you can read them all at the following link: [Comic Book Movie]

Scout Comics revives forgotten hero Solarman

Hey kids, remember Solarman? It came out from Marvel back in 1989, and Stan Lee himself wrote the whole two issue series. Still doesn’t ring a bell? Ok, so maybe you don’t remember it, but it’s being revived anyway — although not from Marvel Comics. The reboot is coming from the folks at Scout Comics, and this new iteration of Solarman will be co-written by Joseph Philip Illidge and Brendan Deneen, with art by N. Steven Harris and colorist Andrew Dalhouse.

The new Solarman series will feature an update on the character of Ben Tucker, now an African-American teenage hacker unsure of the direction of his life. A chance encounter with an alien energy source then gives him incredible powers that force him to “go on the run, fight the government, and battle for the future of the entire world.” You can check out the cover for Scout Comics’ new series below. [Comic Book Resources]

Marvel teases the release of the delayed C-3PO one-shot

Although it was supposed to be released back in December, right before The Force Awakens hit theaters, for various reasons, Marvel’s Star Wars: C-3PO one-shot was delayed. But it’s back on the schedule now, and Marvel reminded us of the book this week with a new teaser image.

Even if you’re not that keen on needing to know all the how’s and why’s of the circumstances behind Threepio now sporting a red arm, this comic is worth getting just for being a reunion between writer James Robinson and his former Starman collaborator, Tony Harris. You can check out the latest teaser image below. [Comic Book]

The Three Stooges return to comics from American Mythology Productions

The Three Stooges are coming back to comics, thanks to Baltimore-based indie company American Mythology Productions. The publisher is resurrecting the franchise as a comic book series this April. This newest series marks the first time Larry, Moe, and Curly will be drawn in comics with their actual likeness, rather than cartoon-inspired versions like they were portrayed in previous series over the years.

In a press release, American Mythology publisher Michael Bornstein said, “How can you get more iconic than The Three Stooges? Literally generations of children have grown in adulthood with profoundly fond memories of Larry, Moe, Curly, Shemp, and The Boys. The staying power of their humor is exactly why we wanted them at American Mythology. We are determined to create new, original stories in the true spirit of these entertainment legends. We’re very honored to bring The Boys back to comics!” The Three Stooges #1 is scheduled for release in April, and you can check out the cover for the first issue below. [Newsarama]

ICYMI: New Details revealed about Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day Issues

For this year’s Free Comic Book Day issue, Marvel is releasing two issues highlighting four big upcoming events. First off,  Civil War II is headlining the issue that’s set to introduce the new Wasp, while Captain America will be the lead in the issue that teases “Dead No More,” whatever that may be. This week, Marvel unveiled the covers for both issues, which show that the mad Titan Thanos will have something to do with Civil War, as well as Cap fighting Hydra goons. For more info on this development, check out our full story right here: [Nerdist]

IMAGES: Marvel Comics / DC Comics / American Mythology Productions / Scout Comics / Lucasfilm

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