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Comics Relief: MARVEL Announces All-Ages SPIDEY Book

Welcome to the weekend edition of Comics Relief, fangirls and fanboys! Going into the weekend, we’ve got news on the latest comic book crossover event featuring Doctor Who, more hip hop variant covers from Marvel, and even the Marvel icons as adorable puppy dogs. But first, the House of Ideas officially announces a new series featuring Peter Parker in his awkward high school years. Read on for more details…

MARVEL Officially Announces SPIDEY All-ages Ongoing Series

Although it was teased and hinted at during this year’s Comic-Con, Marvel has gone and made it official: There will be a new ongoing series featuring the high school era adventures of Peter Parker called Spidey. This new Spider-Man series is being written by Supernatural writer/producer Robbie Thompson, with art duties going to illustrator Nick Bradshaw. The new book is described as showing Spider-Man “before he was Amazing.

Writer Robbie Thompson said of the new series “It’s Spidey! In High School! Learning to be a hero! All done by amazing artist Nick Bradshaw! ‘Nuff said!” He added: “For me, that’s been a huge appeal of working on the book — getting to go back to the high school years and shine a light on the early days of Peter Parker’s journey to becoming Spider-Man and doing it in an old school fashion — single issues, each one telling their own story.” Spidey hits comics shops this fall. [Comic Book]

Dan DiDio Explains Post-Convergence DC Multiverse

The ending of DC’s last mega-event Convergence was a little bit..confusing, to say the least. Series writer Jeff King said after the publication of the last issue of the eight part series that the ending of the story signaled that the entire Multiverse was back, despite the artwork indicating otherwise. Now DC c-publisher Dan DiDio has clarified just what the heck is going on in the DCU post Convergence, in an interview with Newsarama, telling fans there is now a multiverse of multiverses…

If you look at the Multiverse, as Grant portrayed it in Multiversity, ideas and concepts that were created in Elseworlds are now part of the continuity. They weren’t created in that fashion to start — they were stand-alone stories that were able to stand on their own weight, and the ones that had great value, we ultimately created worlds around them, and those worlds were ultimately incorporated into the Multiversity series — and into our Multiverse.
So with Multiversity, Grant announced that there was a second infinite Multiverse out there, and now we’re creating brand new worlds to populate that with the same hope — that they have the same weight and gravitas that ultimately make them a part of our existing lore and continuity.”

So, basically, at DC right now, it’s all on the table. Which is exactly how it should be. [Newsarama]

Comics Legend Roy Thomas Brings Us Three Books On The DC Trinity During World War II this fall

Writer Roy Thomas started out as a fanboy in the Golden Age, and then in the Siver Age became on the head writers at Marvel, wrting books like Avengers and X-Men and Amazing Spider-Man after Stan Lee departed regular writing duties. Now Thomas is collecting stories from the Wold War II years of the DC icons Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, with additional commentary about the comics themselves and the character’s roles in the fight against the Axis powers from 1938-1945. Each Hardcover book will come in at 304 pages and go for $24.99. All three books will be available this fall. [Bleeding Cool]

Titan Comics Releases Trailer For Doctor Who ‘Four Doctors’ Event

Titan Comics has released a trailer for their new Doctor Who evetn comic book series which comes out this August, Called Four Doctors. Featuring Four Doctors (duh), three companions, and “one action-packed mystery!” The 5-part weekly event written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Neil Edwards, stars the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors as well as their comics companions. The latest event kicks-off in connection with the Doctor Who Comics Day celebration on August 15th. You can check out the trailer for the series below: [Comics Beat]

MARVEL Reveals Even More Hip Hop variant covers

Last week, we brought you news that Marvel was going to be unleashing a series of some fifty variant covers in the months of October, all referencing classic hip hop albums. While roughly half of those covers were released last week, we now have a new batch, which inlcude covers Miles Morales’ new Spider-Man title, Uncanny Inhumans, and more. All of the covers releases so far can be found at the following link: [Newsarama]

MARVEL Icons As Cute Little Dogs Are The Best Thing Ever

Speaking of Marvel variants, we’ve seen variant covers of Marvel Icons as babies, rock stars, action figures, you name it. Well, now an arstist by the name of Jack Lynch has gone and outdone all of these with a new series of illustrations of the Marvel Comics characters…. as various different breeds of dog. Each breed fits pretty well with its matched hero (a Golden Retriever as Thor? A Pitbull as the Hulk? Genius.) You can check all of them out in our gallery below, or hit up the artist’s page to see more of his amazing work. [Josh Lynch Art]

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