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Comics Relief: DC’s New SUPERWOMAN Revealed

It’s Emerald City Comic-Con time, so lots of comic news coming out of the Seattle convention for this weekend’s Comics Relief, starting with the reveal if just who DC’s new Superwoman actually is. Read on for more details…

DC Reveals The New SUPERWOMAN Is None Other Than Lois Lane. But Which Lois?

One of the biggest mysteries of the recent DC Rebirth announcements is the news of a new Superwoman ongoing series, featuring a “new” character in the role, according to DC. (The previous DC Superwoman was an evil doppelganger of Wonder Woman from Earth-3.) The series is coming from creator Phil Jimenez, best known for his work on Wonder Woman and New X-Men. Now it seems DC has accidentally released who this Superwoman actually is, due to a file name on an image they released at ECCC, which labels her as “Lois.” I think it’s safe to assume we’re talking about Lois Lane here, and not Peter Griffin’s wife from Family Guy.

But which Lois Lane is going to be Superwoman? The New 52 Lois, or the pre-Flashpoint Lois Lane, who is married to Clark Kent and who, together with Clark, is raising their young super-powered son Jonathan Kent? Although current rumors suggest that the New 52 Kal-El is going to bite the dust, that still leaves New 52 Lois alive and kicking. I’m kind of hoping it’s married Lois though, if only because I can’t resist the idea of a superpowered Kent family flying around together and running errands between saving people and fighting crime. [Bleeding Cool]

The Lord of the Apes Goes to the Planet of the Apes in New Crossover Series

Here’s a crossover I can’t believe hasn’t happened until now: Dark Horse Comics has announced at ECCC that they will publish a new Tarzan series together with BOOM! Studios, taking Edgar Rice Burroughs’s classic character to the Planet of the Apes, in the appropriately titled Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes. The five-issue series is coming from writers Tim Seeley and David Walker, with Fernando Dagnino on art and Duncan Fegredo illustrating the covers.

In Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes, the Lord of the Jungle and his ape brother Caesar, raised as brothers but separated by slave traders, reunite when the war between man and ape takes them from the jungles of Africa to the center of the Earth. Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes #1 will arrive in comics stores on September 28, 2016. [Newsarama]

DC and Gerard Way Team Up For New Imprint, Young Animal

The biggest announcement from DC at ECCC this week is their new mature readers imprint, done in conjunction with former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way. Called Young Animal, the four series include a revival of Doom Patrol, plus Shade, the Changing Girl, Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, and finally Mother Panic, a series set in Gotham City. For all the details on DC’s newest imprint, check out our full story here at Nerdist.

Ninja Turtles Get A Second Ongoing Series at IDW

It looks like Turtle Power is going to keep growing over at IDW, as the publisher announced plans for a second Ninja Turtles ongoing title, named Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe. The series kicks off in August with an issue that features TMNT creator Kevin Eastman and artist Bill Sienkiewicz teaming up for a brand-new backup story. The lead story will come courtesy of Paul Allor and Damian Couceiro. You can see the cover for the first issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe above. [IGN]

The Kamandi Challenge Brings High Profile Creators to Tell a Story Featuring Jack Kirby’s Creation

Back in the ’80s, DC comics created a 12-part series called The DC Challenge, in which a certain creative team would be given a set of DC characters, create a story around them that ended unresolved, and another creative team would come in the next issue and have to resolve it. Now DC is taking this same approach for The Kamandi Challenge, with 24 creators tasked with bringing a story to life featuring Jack Kirby’s famous “Last Boy on Earth,” Kamandi.

DC co-publisher Dan Didio announced the Kamandi Challenge at ECCC this week, including the names of the 24 creators united in “random” pairings. The 24 names include high profile creators like Neal Adams, Amanda Conner, Ivan Reis,Walter Simonson, Gail Simone and many more. For all the names, hit the following link: [CBR]

Mickey Mouse Gets News Series at IDW

Although he’s a world-famous corporate mascot, Mickey Mouse hasn’t had an actual spotlight series in a long time, up until the recent Paul Rudish-produced Mickey Mouse animated series on the Disney Channel. Now the folks at IDW Comics (and not Marvel interestingly, which Disney owns) have announced Mickey Mouse Shorts: Season One. Scheduled to debut in July, this four-issue series is adapted directly from the Disney Channel series by Scott Tipton. You can see the cover for the first issue above. [Newsarama]

New Full Color Dragon Ball Coming From VIZ Media

VIZ Media is releasing a release a new, full-color version of Akira Toriyama’s famous manga series Dragon Ball. This edition covers a fan-favorite story arc of the series, and will be presented in a new vivid, full-color volume at a larger 6 5/8″ x 10 ¼” trim size.

In this story, after his epic battle with Vegeta, Son Goku and his friends must obtain the wish-granting Dragon Balls in order to resurrect their fallen allies. Their search will take them all the way to the planet Namek, where the evil Freeza and his minions are slaughtering the Namekians in order to fulfill Freeza’s wish for immortality. Dragon Ball Full Color: Freeza Arc Volume 1 is set to hit on May 3rd. You can see the cover for this latest volume above.

Images: DC Comics / BOOM! Studios / Viz Media / Dark Horse Comics / IDW Comics

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