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Is a Long Lost Character Returning as Part of DC Comics REBIRTH?

So much news came out of WonderCon this weekend, so buckle up, and get ready for this week’s Comics Relief. And let’s start today’s edition with some wild speculation about DC’s Rebirth. Read on for the details…

Is DC Hinting At The Return Of The Adult Wally West In Rebirth?

This past weekend at WonderCon in Los Angeles, DC Comics unveiled their creative teams for the first wave of their newly relaunched Rebirth titles. (You can check out our coverage of this right here.) Still, there are many questions about just what Rebirth actually is. It seems that some books, like Greg Rucka’s upcoming Wonder Woman series, is getting a total reboot, whereas others, like Green Arrow, are taking the previous New 52 continuity and running with it. Then there’s the fact that the New 52 Superman is missing, replaced by the pre-Flashpoint Superman, who is married to Lois Lane and has a kid, Jonathan Kent. So it’s all still a wee bit confusing.

Here’s one bit of speculation about Rebirth that I haven’t seen anywhere else though (so if it turns out to be true, you heard it here at Nerdist first)! Are the advance solicits for June’s first wave of Rebirth titles hinting at the return of the older, married-with-children, ginger Wally West?

Based on art from the Rebirth presentation at WonderCon, we know that the new, younger African-American Wally West is going to become the new Kid Flash. But there are a few clues as to why the return of the original Wally West in some form is probably happening. In the solicits for the initial post-Rebirth first issues, two specific comics mention that “You Must Read Rebirth #1!” before reading them. Those comics are Titans #1, which features the original members of the Teen Titans as adults, and Flash #1. None of the other Rebirth titles have that caveat. With Wally having been an original Titan and the former Flash, that raises some eyebrows to be sure. And the cover image to Rebirth #1? It has the heroes of the DCU reaching out to a mysterious hand… coming out of lightning.

Hmmmm…. et tu, Wally?

Watch the Making of the Epic Civil War II Variant Interlocking Covers

With Civil War II just around the corner, Marvel Comics has unveiled a set of black-and-white interlocking variant covers for the upcoming event series by South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi. Though Kim Jung Gi has illustrated covers in the past for rival DC Comics, this piece — which will be split from Civil War II #0 through to issue #7 — will be his first Marvel work. You can check out the making of this epic series of interlocking covers in the video below: [Marvel]

Findy Dory and Zootopia Comics Coming From Joe Books

Despite the fact that Disney owns Marvel, they rely on publisher Joe Books for most of their animated film comic book adaptations. Case in point, the comic book adaptations for Zootopia and Finding Dory are coming from publisher Joe Books this summer. Zootopia will be an original graphic novel adaptation, while Finding Dory will be a serialized comic book series, with issue #1 coming in at $2.99. For more info, click on the following link: [Bleeding Cool]

Scott Snyder Says His All-Star Batman Will Be Like His Own Long Halloween

Of all the big DC Rebirth announcements at WonderCon this past weekend, maybe the most exciting was the news that Scott Snyder is sticking around Gotham with an all-new Batman series, titled All-Star Batman. This book will feature a rotating group of artists, including John Romita Jr., Sean Murphy, and Jock, all tackling new versions of Batman’s classic villains, and all of which are going to be in-continuity.

In an interview with Newsarama, Snyder said, “The first arc is called ‘My Own Worst Enemy,’ and it’s about 13 issues. The first part with John is about six issues. It might be packed into five with the last one being double-sized. Then we’re gonna do some one-shots and short stories, then we’re gonna do the finale with Sean. It’s almost like my Dark Knight Returns. It’s crazy, crazy ‘Old Man Logan‘ Batman who winds up coming back to the past. It’s really nutty, I can’t wait.”

In an earlier tweet, Snyder even compared his All-Star Batman series to another legendary Dark Knight story, calling it his own Long Halloween. [Newsarama]

Who Are The 10 Greatest Avengers Ever?

Almost every major superhero at Marvel Comics has at one time or another counted themselves as members of the Avengers, but who are the ten most essential members? Recently, posed that question to the fans, who voted for the ten greatest Avengers of all time. Just who made it on the list — and who didn’t — is interesting. Watch the video below, and then prepare to be somewhat surprised. [Marvel]

Taschen Cancels Final Two 75 Years of DC Comics Hardcovers

Back in 2013, in celebration of DC Comics 75th Anniversary, Taschen books put out a massive (and I mean massive) book by former DC editor-in-chief Paul Levitz, detailing the company’s history from 1935 to the present. Coming in at 720 pages and a whopping $245, the book was mostly a niche item for wealthy fans. Then it was announced that the company was going to break up that book into a series of five coffee table books, covering the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, the “Dark” Age, and the Modern Age. The last volume was to be all-new material and interviews, not included in the original book. You can see mock-ups fop all five books below:

Since then, Taschen released the first three volumes, but word has come down that the publisher has decided to cancel the final two, The Dark Age and The Modern Age, leaving this incredible series incomplete. If you’d like to see Taschen release these books, or perhaps for DC Comics themselves to finish the series, let them know. In the meantime, writer Paul Levitz will be including some of the new interviews he conducted for the final volume on his website. [Bleeding Cool]

Marvel Releases 3 Spider-Man: Dead No More Teasers

Marvel has released three teaser images for its upcoming Spider-Man storyline Dead No More, which is apparently about every dead character in Peter Parker’s life returning from the grave. The three teasers this week, which feature art from Alexander Lozano, features characters like Scarlet Spider, Prowler, and Madame Web. You can see all three teasers in our gallery below: [CBR]

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