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It’s Iron Man Versus Captain Marvel in CIVIL WAR II

Secret Wars may finally be over, but in today’s mid-week edition of Comics Relief, we’ve got Marvel news aplenty — including details on Civil War II. Read on for all the info on that, plus lots more comic booky goodness…

Marvel’s Civil War II to be Inspired by Minority Report

With Secret Wars now over, it’s time to shift attention to Marvel’s next big event: the sequel to the 2006 game changing series Civil War. So just what is Marvel’s Civil War II going to be about? Well, according to reports it’s not going to center on Tony Stark vs Captain America again. Instead, it seems that the new series from Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez will see Iron Man go up against Captain Marvel, in a battle both ideological and physical.

In Civil War II, a new character with the ability to predict the future poses the question is it okay to punish someone who is expected to commit a crime, similar to the film Minority Report. Iron Man will find himself heading up the “anti” pre-cog side, and Captain Marvel will head up the “pro” pre-cog side. For more, read our full story here: [Nerdist]

DC Previews Cat Staggs’ Cover Image for Adventures of Supergirl #1

DC Comics is launching a companion comic to their hit TV series Supergirl, a digital first title from writer Sterling Gates called The Adventures of Supergirl. The new digital series will see new installments released every two weeks, with a print collection due later in the year. The Hollywood Reporter ran the cover image for chapter #1 of the series by artist Cat Staggs, which you can see in all its glory below. The first chapter is set for release on Jan. 25. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Marvel Teases That Someone is “Dead No More”

Let’s be honest, a Marvel character coming back from the dead is as common an occurrence as Donald Trump saying something wildly inappropriate. Best to paraphrase writer Peter David’s run on X-Factor, where he once had Charles Xavier say to Jean Grey, “In mutant Heaven, there are probably not a set of Pearly Gates, but a set of revolving doors.” And that doesn’t just apply to mutants in the Marvel Universe either, I’m afraid. So it must be a major character that’s coming back for Marvel for them to make such a big deal about it and put out a teaser. Could it be Professor X? Mar-Vell? Wolverine? Who’s still dead at Marvel these days anyway? Below is the teaser image. Start guessing now kids.  [Polygon]

Ash Has fought Freddy, Jason…and Now Hitler?

Ash from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy (and current TV star) has fought all kinds of demons, deadites, and even famous movie monsters. In the comics world, he’s taken on Freddy, Jason, you name it. Now he’s about to take on the biggest monster of all time in Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler #1 by Ian Edginton, Oscar Bazaldua, Carlos Eduardo, and Chris Summers.

In this story, Adolf Hitler had the Book of the Dead tattooed onto his body so that he could live forever, except it didn’t quite work out that way. After he died in 1945, someone actually read the tattoo to reanimate him. Now he’s back in the present day, and the Hellish Powers are forced to recruit Ash to put an end to his reign of terror before history repeats itself with a new undead army. The one-shot is coming next month from Space Goat Publishing. You can check out a preview at the following link: [Bleeding Cool]

Now Every Single Marvel Comic from 1961 Onward Can Be yours…If You Have the Money

If you’re a big Marvel fan and you’ve got, oh, say about $200,000 to spare, then you’re in luck. B-Bop Comics in Kansas City has the ultimate Marvel fan’s dream: a complete collection of Marvel comic books, starting with Fantastic Four #1 from 1961, going all the way through 2015, including all of Marvel’s original graphic novels, magazine-size editions, and treasury editions. The entire collection takes up 109 long boxes, and is estimated to be between 32,000 and 36,000 pieces in total. To be blunt, you might need a few garages to store all this.

Some of the earlier 1960s comics are in rougher shape, otherwise this collection would probably come in towards the millions, but from the comics are in much better condition from the 1970s on. Apparently, these all came from a private collector, who has been collecting Marvel since childhood and is looking to unload them all. If no buyer comes forth by February, it will be broken into smaller lots and sold that way. For more on this story, click on the following link: [Newsarama]

OGN Roller Girl Wins Prestigious Newbury Honor

No, not that Roller Girl….this isn’t a comic about Heather Graham’s porn star character from the movie Boogie Nights (although I’d totally buy that comic). This Roller Girl is a graphic novel by Victoria Jamieson, about a girl’s dream of becoming a roller derby star, and was just named a Newbury Honor Book. It was one of several honors awarded to graphic novels this year.

This is the second year in a row a graphic novel was chosen for the honor list of the highest literary accolade in the arena of children’s books. In addition, several other comics were selected as Honor Books, like Liz Suburbia’s Sacred Heart and Don Brown’s Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. The awards were announced this week in Boston and you can see the complete list here. [Comics Beat]

Comics Artists Pay Tribute to David Bowie

And finally, comics artists from all over are paying tribute to musical icon David Bowie, who we sadly lost this week. The folks at Comics Alliance have put together a collection of various Bowie-inspired images from all over the Internet. You can check them out at the following link: [Comics Alliance]

IMAGES: Marvel Comics/DC Comics/Victoria Jamieson/Space Goat Publishing/Dave McCaig

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