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Comics Relief: BATMAN Invades NYCC, Marvel’s STAR WARS Reprints, ARCHIE’s Ice Bucket Challenge, and More

Happy New Comics Day everyone. It’s been a week (by the way, what did you pick up?). I’ve gone around the corners of the Internet and rounded up some of the latest and greatest comics news for your perusal. And there’s a lot: Between Batman taking Manhattan to Star Wars getting legendary at Marvel, we’ve got you covered.

The New York Post Unveils the Official Poster of New York Comic-Con

First up, it’s Batman vs. Boroughs as New York Comic Con unveils their official poster featuring the Dark Knight. Hey, it’s his 75th birthday, so you’re gonna see him a few more places than normal. Detective Comics co-writer and artist Francis Manapul is responsible for the image which made its debut in the New York Post.

Also, holy cats, it’s almost time for New York Comic Con.


[via The New York Post]

Meet the Mystery Solving Teens of Gotham Academy

Speaking of the Bat-books, Gotham Academy artist Becky Cloonan offered Comics Alliance a quick preview of the three lead teens in the upcoming mystery series. Meet Olive Silverlock, Kyle Mizoguchi and Kyle Mizoguchi as Cloonan shares some character details from the upcoming series.

[via Comics Alliance]

Dark Horse Releases an Earthquake Survival Guide

Quakes are no joke – if even the recent minor rumble up in San Francisco did minimal damage to the Bay Area, Iceland has been experiencing its own quakes thanks to some of the local volcanoes.

Well, Dark Horse wants you to be prepared. Working in conjunction with the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, the publisher has released the free comic Without Warning! from writer Jeremy Barlow and artist David Hahn. If your go bag’s not already prepped, this should help you get ready.


[via Dark Horse Comics]

Marvel To Begin Dark Horse Star Wars Reprints

We already knew that Marvel planned to re-release their late 70’s Star Wars comics catalog, but for those of you looking to catch up on some post-Jedi stories in a handy collected format, the publisher has the first volume of Star Wars: Legends on the way in April.


How Original Sin #5 Killed Off a Classic Lee/Kirby Creation [Spoilers]

You probably don’t want to click on the link below if you’d like to get through Original Sin unspoiled. But yeah, Marvel pulled an old switcheroo kills off a beloved character – twice!

[via Newsarama]

Genius Meets Ferguson

The latest (and final) issue of Genius is out today and it’s looking mighty prescient given the police-led violence in Ferguson. Bleeding Cool was able to run a couple of panels from the fifth issue of Marc Bernandin, Adam Freeman and Afua Richardson’s miniseries and damned if those don’t look ripped from the headlines.

[via Bleeding Cool]

Archie Plays it Cool For ALS

Comic Book Resources has an exclusive look at Archie taking the ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness.

[via Comic Book Resources]

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  1. Red Zaku says:

    Isn’t Archie dead?

    • Derek says:

      That was in the ‘Life with Archie’ publication which ended with his death. Teenage Archie will continue in the comics.