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The Best Pop-Culture Gingerbread Houses We Saw This Year

Christmas is just around the corner, which means a lot of last-minute tidying, packing, and baking. For those who celebrate, one tried-and-true tradition is decorating gingerbread houses, a bit of holiday fun that can get a little crazy when you’re an artist or perfectionist. We’re seriously impressed with just how intricate these things can get, and doubly impressed by people who use their love of pop culture to create gingerbread houses inspired by their favorite shows, movies, games, and books.

We scoured Twitter and Instagram for the best – and most creative – pop culture-inspired gingerbread houses, from Hogwarts to the Overlook Hotel and beyond.

First up, these Nightmare Before Christmas designs.

How about some horror-themed houses, like this Evil Dead cabin.

And this Overlook Hotel, which we wrote about here.

We also wrote about this impressive Hogwarts castle from the Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton.

As for games, this Candyland house is amazing.

We love this little Mario-inspired castle.

DC Kids shared these cute mini-houses inspired by Titans, GO!

How about this cute Snoopy doghouse?

Or this Star Wars-inspired mini ginger-village?

It wouldn’t be 2018 without Gritty working his way onto a list.

We’ve gotta give major props to this Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again ginger-resort, complete with a gingerbread Cher.

And last but not least, this house – inspired by the popular podcast My Favorite Murder – is an impressive in-joke that Murderinos everywhere will get a kick out of.

Did we miss any good ones? Post some of your favorite links below!

Images: Imgur/agkeeling

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