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Comics Relief: ALL-NEW MARVEL Annoucements Keep Coming, Comic-Con News, & More

The All-New Marvel announcements just keep on comin’ in this weekend’s Comics Relief, where aside from Marvel, we’ve got news regarding the upcoming Comic-Con International in San Diego, and more. Read on for all the details…

Squadron Supreme returns as part of All-New Marvel

Marvel continues with the big announcements surrounding their All-New Marvel Initiative, with the latest being the Squadon Supreme. The new series will be written by the former Fantastic Four team of James Robinson and Leonard Kirk, and is set to showcase members pulled from various versions of the team from alternate universes that were destroyed at the the beginning of Secret Wars. Of the new series, Robinson says “I’m having a lot of fun with the flashbacks and memories that the Squadron members have of their past, showing that they all came from interesting worlds so that hopefully it will be sad that those worlds no longer exist, and so the readers kind of get some of the feeling that our characters are going through.”

Among the membership of the new Squadron, we’ve got Doctor Spectrum, Supreme Power‘s Nighthawk, Hyperion from Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers, and the very nearly forgotten character of Blur from the ’80s New Universe title DP7. Artist Leonard Kirk said that in the flashbacks to these character’s previous (now dead) universes he’ll be changing his art style to match those worlds.”Some flashback stuff will include me throwing in imagery from other books that [have] already been printed; One of the ideas that James had that I think is a good one is shifting my style to match more the artwork from those various previous appearances.” Squadron Supreme is set to debut in the fall. [Newsarama]

A-Force Becomes Ongoing Series Post Secret Wars

Another Marvel team from Secret Wars that is making the shift from Battleworld to the regular Marvel Universe will the the female Avengers known as A-Force. Right now, all we really know about this post- Secret Wars version of the team is that the character of Singularity, who was introduced at the end of the first issue, will play a big part, as will She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa, Nico Minoru, and Captain Marvel, who of course is getting her own relaunched series this fall as well. G. Wilson will return as the writer, but it seems that Marguerite Bennett will not. And it’s not 100% certain if artist Jorge Molina will be back yet. For more info, check out our story here.

A-Force Cover

Mark Millar Teases New Series Huck

Writer Mark Millar is teasing his latest offering through his Millarworld label, a book called Huck, with a new teaser image that mostly just tells us what Huck is not, as opposed to what the heck Huck is. Millar promises t that answers are forthcoming at Image Expo on Thursday, July 2. Never one to be terribly humble, Millar, who has had great success with books like Kick-Ass, Wanted, and more recently, Chrononauts, says Huck is “probably the best thing I’ve ever done.” You can check out the teaser image below. [Comic Book]

Comic-Con To Extend Its Stay In San Diego Until 2018

Comic-Con in San Diego is nearly upon us, and for a while there was some speculation that this year or possibly next would be the final year the convention might be held in the San Diego Convention Center, after some twenty-plus years there, not to mention being in the city of San Diego since about 1970. Well, it looks like the Convention is staying put just a little bit longer, through 2018 at least.

Although there’s been no official comment about an agreement, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports an official  announcement is expected before the convention gets under way on July 9. A  far more permanent solution was originally planned with a $520 million expansion of the San Diego Convention Center, which was killed last year when a California appeals court ruled the hotel tax devised to pay for it was unconstitutional. The project would’ve added 740,000 square feet of exhibit space, a five-acre rooftop park, a waterfront promenade with retail shops and restaurants, and a second, 500-room tower to the adjacent Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. Oh well, maybe it’ll happen when we’re all old and gray. [CBR]


Greg Pak & Frank Cho To Bring Us Totally Awesome Hulk For All-New Marvel

The Hulk has been rampaging, indestructible, and most famously, incredible. Well, post Secret Wars, he’s getting a new adjective and a new identity, with the Totally Awesome Hulk. No, the comic is not set in a 1980s high school, but is the latest in a wave of Marvel books relaunching after Secret Wars, and all we know so far is that the writer is Planet Hulk scribe Greg Pak and artist Frank Cho.

And Frank might not be the only person with the last name Cho involved in this comics, as the wide speculation on the identity of this new Hulk is that it’s former sidekick character, Amadeus Cho, who now no one will like when he’s angry. According to writer Greg Pak, he describes the new Jade Giant as “an all-new Hulk with a very different new background and motivations, with something that no earlier Hulk has had: An enjoyment of being the Hulk. The new Hulk absolutely loves being the Hulk.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Heroes Reborn Ashcan Coming From Titan Books

Heroes Reborn is coming to NBC as an event series this fall, and also as a comic from British publisher Titan Books. For Comic-Con this year, they’ve announced that they’ll be releasing an ash-can edition comic called Heroes: Vengeance, which features a cover from Eisner winner Paul Pope, the Ashcan features 6 black and white preview pages from the first issue of the comic, along with a 6-page preview feature from the magazine with Titan’s access-all-areas set report, which includes an exclusive interview with show creator Tim Kring. The new comic series will be written by Heroes Reborn Supervising Producer Seamus Fahey and Zach Craley and illustrated by Rubine. It’ll be available at the Titan Booth #5537 on the convention floor. [Comic Book]

DC Reveals Their Comic-Con Exclusive Cover line-up

One more bit of news on the Comic-Con tip, and DC has revealed their variant covers which will be exclusive to the convention. The covers will be available on different days of the con, so if you want to to collect them all, it’s going to take that extra little effort. Variants include Black Canary #1 (available Thursday, 7/9), Batman Beyond#1 (available Friday, 7/10), Midnighter #1 (available Saturday, 7/11), Bizarro #1 (available Sunday, 7/12), and variants available on all days include Robin: Son of Batman #1, Harley Quinn #17, Superman #41, Batman #41, and Justice League #41.  A special, rare, oversized gate-fold cover variant of Justice League of America #1 will only be available Saturday, 7/11. These books will be available in the Graphitti Designs booth #2314. Check out our gallery of the covers below. [Comics Beat]



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