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Comics: Marvel Launches TRUE BELIEVERS Line, DC Gives Details On New DONNA TROY, and the Latest Image Comics Humble Bundle

Welcome to the weekend edition of Comics Relief, where we gather the best comics news in the week that was. We’ve got plenty of news from Image Comics this weekend, as well as hints from Marvel about the future of Star Wars, and the latest DC hero to get the New 52 makeover treatment. But first, Marvel is looking to give newer fans a bit of a history lesson for a very low price….

Marvel Launches True Believers Line Of Reprint Books For Just A Buck

This week, Marvel announced the True Believers series, which reprints the first issues of important titles in their history for only $1. This new line of comics will be debuting exclusively in comic shops this April. Included are such high profile classic Marvel books such as Civil War, Age of Apocalypse, Old Man Logan, Planet Hulk, Powers, and if you really want to go old school, Armor Wars and The Infinity Gauntlet, which will of course be the basis for Marvel Studios’ two-part The Infinity War. [Newsarama]


DC Comics Gives Details On New Donna Troy…And It Ain’t Pretty

A couple weeks back we reported here that long-MIA DC Universe hero Donna Troy would finally be making her New 52 debut in the pages of David and Meredith Finch’s current run on Wonder Woman. Well, now we are getting some details about “NuDonna”, and it really just hammers the idea home that DC seems to hate their older fans. Donna has been brought back as a fully grown golem-like creature conjured via black magic, who is described by the creators as “Wonder Woman without a heart” and a potential archnemesis for Diana. So, basically, the exact opposite of everything the classic Donna was and that fans were hoping to see. Thanks a bunch DC!

This sounds like a totally different character simply cashing in on a well known name-and a name that doesn’t even make sense within the context of the world; the only reason classic Wonder Girl had a westernized first name/last name like “Donna Troy” and not an Amazonian name like Aleka or Phillipus is because she was an American-born child adopted by the Amazons. But somehow, I have a feeling the current writers didn’t even know this. Oh well…at least classic Donna appears in Convergence. [Comic Book Resources and Newsarama]


Marvel Finds A Way To Include Tobey Maguire And Andrew Garfield in Spider-Verse. Sort Of.

In Marvel’s current Spider-Verse event, Spider-Man (and Spider-women) of all different dimensions and timelines have gathered together to defeat a single foe. Marvel has been boasting that every version of Spidey that has ever appeared will take part in this series–with some exceptions, due to rights issues. Those exceptions being the movie versions of Spider-Man, which are owned by Sony. Still, in this week’s issue (which also featured the inclusion of Aunt May as “Spider-Ma’am” — yes, for real) we saw two different Peters discuss a couple of different variations of themselves that might sound familiar. Not to mention a certain accident-prone Spidey from the musical fiasco Turn Off The Dark. Check out the panel below….   [Bleeding Cool]


Marvel Unveils a Brand New Star Wars Featurette

Digging on Marvel’s Star Wars #1? I certainly did. Now, the House of Ideas has released a brand new featurette with writer Jason Aaron and others talking all about it.

“As Star Wars makes its historic return to Marvel with the official release of Star Wars #1, hear from series writer Jason Aaron, series editor Jordan D. White, and Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about the creation of this monumental new ongoing series.

STAR WARS #1 is available now in comic shops, on the Marvel Comics App and on”

Fans Petition The White House For “Flash Appreciation Day.” 

Thanks to the CW television series, The Flash has never been more beloved a character. But is he beloved enough to get the President of the United States to declare a national “Flash Appreciation Day” via an online petition? Some hardcore fans are hoping so…in fact, the blog Nothing But Comics, have already reminded folks that “Flash Appreciation Day” is already acknowledged by some Flash fanatics, who were inspired by a Justice League Unlimited called “Flash and Substance,” which originally aired on Feb. 11, 2006, where Flash’s Rogues team up to destroy Central City’s “Flash Appreciation Day.” For the White House to even consider such a petition, it has got to reach 100,000 signatures within 30 days. They are currently at 337 signatures as I write this. C’mon Flash Fanatics…time to tap into the Speed Force and make this happen in time. [Nothing But Comics via CBR]


Image Offers Massive Humble Bundle through January 21st

With so many good comics coming out of Image these days, fans might wanna jump on the current Image Comics Bundle 2: Image Firsts, which is a pretty huge collection of digital comics that can be purchased for whatever price you choose. Included in the basic bundle are the first issues of several recent series, books like Deadly Class, C.O.W.L., God Hates Astronauts, and more. If you pay at least $15, it also gets you some of Image’s more popular books, like The Manhattan Projects, The Wicked + The Divine, Sex Criminals, Wytches, The Walking Dead Vol. 22: A New Beginning (#127-132) and others. If you want to spend as much as $18, you get The Walking Dead Compendium One (#1-48), East of West: The World, and Saga Book One (#1-18). These books retail over $300. Image also highly recommends to fans who buy to set aside a portion of their price paid towards charity, which in this instance is the comics creator focused Hero Initiative. [Comics Beat]


Image Comics Launches Image Direct Subscription Service

Speaking of Image Comics, are you a fan, but still prefer getting your comics the old-fashioned way? You’re not alone, and Image Comics is looking to help out by starting Image Direct, a newly-launched direct mail subscription service that offers customers in the continental United States discounts of up to 35% on Image titles shipped direct to their door. Customers can currently buy twelve-issue subscriptions on 42 different ongoing titles, including Saga, The Walking Dead, and Wytches. According to the FAQ on the new Image Direct site, customers subscribing to two or more titles receive a 10% discount on cover price; four or more gets you a 20% discount. Customers must subscribe to all the titles offered to qualify for the largest 35% discount. The price of an individual 12-issue subscription ranges from $35.88 to $47.88. Not bad for those of us who like to keep our comics in plastic bags and boards in the closet still. [Comics Alliance]

Darth Vader #1 Already Another Massive Hit, Marvel Hints At New Star Wars Titles

You read the first issue of Marvel’s new Star Wars title right? (Because if you didn’t, you really should.) Well, that’s not the only comic in the pipeline coming from Marvel set in the galaxy far, far away. Coming in February is Darth Vader #1, which has already exceeded over 200,00 copies sold and it’s not even out yet. While 200,000 copies isn’t close to the records shattering one million copies sold by Star Wars #1, it’s still a huge number in today’s comics market.

In speaking to, Marvel’s David Gabriel hinted that some of the other movies are getting the ‘between the movies’ treatment the current Marvel books are providing for A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, stating, “Look for some BIG Star Wars comics announcements in March and April!” Could we be getting some comics filling in the gaps between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens? If that’s the case, watch that one sell another cool million. []


One Classic Member of the Avengers Just Totally Killed Another (SPOILERS)

If you haven’t read the last issue of Avengers, then you might wanna look away. Still here? Ok then. Remember when Namor the Sub-Mariner totally flooded the nation of Wakanda in Avengers vs X-Men? And Wakanda’s king, the Black Panther, vowed revenge? Well, looks like he got it. Namor just bit the big one. Of course he won’t stay dead, but he might stay dead for as long as Universal has the movie rights and Marvel Studios doesn’t. [Bleeding Cool]



Got a news story this week that has you particularly stoked? Let us know in the comments below!

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