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Coca-Cola takes on internet trolls in Big Game commercial

The Coca-Cola company says that pouring their sugary concoction into a computer server is a good idea. While I highly doubt that would effect the change we see in the commercial above, I certainly support the sentiment. What do you think about Coca-Cola’s statement on internet outrage?

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  1. Butplug Maximus says:

    Retarded commercial. I’ve spilled a bit of soda onto a keyboard – and that wound up frying the entire computer. No joy, no happiness. Just dead circuits… 
    File this under DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!

    Took Coke long enough to catch up with SNL.. Back in about 1979, they had a bit called The Pepsi Syndrome – a spoof of a movie called China Syndrome – where someone spilled a Pepsi on a nuclear reactor’s console and caused a meltdown. 

  2. Gaby A. says:

    Am I the only one who thought that network admin should be fired? LOL…great commercial though

  3. GloopyEyedSackMama says:


  4. Knightwing says:

    Loved that they showed support for #GamerGate

  5. Dave says:


  6. RP says:

    Ironically though, most of the little dweebs doing the hating are probably hyper on fizzy drinks like coke.