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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Created a Selfie Spoon. No Really

I think the selfie stick gets a bad rap. No one has ever looked through a set of pictures and cared about any of the ones they weren’t in, so we can all admit we prefer to be in pictures as opposed to being out of them. A selfie stick lets you do that without bothering some stranger who then struggles to get the flash right. The selfie stick is a perfectly fine invention that allows you to do something you’d like without being a pain in the neck. It looks goofy, but so do people talking on Bluetooth headsets. Selfie sticks are fine. A totally fine little invention that does a specific job that needs doing. They are just fine.

Someone just added a spoon to it.

No, really, someone added a spoon to a selfie stick. You can now dig into a bowl of cereal and take a picture of yourself doing it thanks to the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch Selfie Spoon.


Don’t believe me? They made a video. Watch it, and then let’s walk through it together.

Everyone loves a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Yes, maybe not 100% because some people have allergies, but for the most part we agree. Good start so far.

But if you don’t post it on social media, did it really happen?

…Yes. Yes it did. It absolutely did. Most of what we do doesn’t appear on social media, it still happened.

Problem solved! Introducing the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Selfie Spoon.

Yup, that’s exactly what just happened.

That’s right.


It’s a selfie stick with a spoon on one end.

That meeting about what to call this was at 4:55 on a Friday.

Gone are the days of eating a delicious breakfast and all your friends not knowing about it.

Oh how we already yearn for a simpler time when a bowl of cereal was a much less public affair.

So why choose between eating or posting? With the selfie spoon you can do both in a flash.

Think of the time you’ll save! Also, this product will also double as an excuse to buy a new phone because you dropped your old one in milk.

Order now and get it for free. Just pay shipping and handling. #SelfieSpoon.

Well “free” seems reasonable even if you just use it as a spoon. Oops, they are sold out. Nevermind.

What food could you eat with a spoon that would produce the best-looking selfie? What about the worst? Get your selfie spoon and snap a picture for the comments below.


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