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CHVRCHES Premiere Climactic, Dance-Ready New Song, ‘Clearest Blue’

Listening to CHVRCHES can be something of a religious experience, ironically enough. Generally, you should attend services at least once a week—it adds fulfillment to your life and helps you understand what it all means—and we can’t rule out that it won’t help prepare you for whatever comes after your time on Earth. It’s not Sunday yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go to CHVRCHES: the band debuted a new track, “Clearest Blue”, on BBC 1 yesterday, so you should absolutely listen to it above.

“Clearest Blue” builds like an optimistic Explosions in the Sky post-rock epic, but is infinitely dance-able and poppy a la classic CHVRCHES. Just when you think it might let up, the track instead picks up even more intensity, building and building, culminating in an LCD Soundsystem-like climax—“Dance Yrself Clean”, specifically—that doesn’t have to change the whole direction of the tune to have a big impact.

As we’ve said before, CHVRCHES is super easy to love. Frontwoman Lauren Mayberry has been outspoken about the plights of women in the music industry, saying of the group’s philosophy a few weeks ago:

“We wanted to establish [Chvrches] as a band first and foremost, and have that base. Then you can move on from that. We’ve done a couple of women’s mags but we tend to talk about feminism and women in the industry, which I feel more comfortable talking about. It’s more of a discussion than, ‘Oh, you’re a girl in a band, what hair conditioner do you use?’ I use hair conditioner, and I like talking about it. But I don’t want that to be the question.”

On top of that, they worked hard to get where they are, recording their exceptional debut album while holding other jobs. But perhaps most importantly, they have been guests on the Nerdist Podcast, so check out their conversation with Chris Hardwick over here. And don’t forget that CHVRCHES’ upcoming sophomore album, Every Open Eye, is scheduled for release on September 25 via Virgin Records and Glassnote Records.

What do you think of the track? Let us know in the comments.

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