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Choose Your CAPTAIN AMERICA Collection from This Toy Gallery

On March 1, Captain America will be 75 years old. Fans from across the world have had multiple platforms with which to enjoy the Star Spangled Avenger, whether it’s comic books, movies, or toys. Just like the way comic books are written or movies are made, toys have evolved over the last eight decades. Let’s take a look at how Cap has evolved with this medium. While we won’t hit every single Cap toy, we’ll touch on some that will make you want to head to the bank for a small loan.

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars

Secret Wars

Released in 1984 to coincide with the comic book series of the same name, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars figures each came with their own shield and “motion discs” you could put inside. This line was very similar to the DC Super Powers line in the fact that they didn’t have weird variants of the heroes. The Captain America you received was the Captain America from the comics. No weird “Surf n Strike Cap Action!” here, folks.

Marvel Legends

Starting in 2002, Hasbro began releasing 6.75-inch figures of the Marvel Universe. It’s 14 years later and the line is still going strong. Holding the American Flag is the Captain America figure from the first series of this line. Overall, there have been 11 different versions Captain America in Marvel Legends.



Funko has pretty much swept the nation. In 2016, you know you’be achieved pop-culture greatness if they make a Pop Vinyl out of you. Just recently, Funko has changed up their design a bit, giving their figures action poses rather than their normal “Marge Simpson in a state of cat-like readiness” stance. The above is Cap from the upcoming Civil War movie, looking ready to betray one friend to protect another (Wow. For a blurb about Funko, that got pretty deep).

Sideshow Collectibles

Captain America Age of Ultron Sideshow

This is for the collector with the disposable cash. As the U.S. distributor for Hot Toys, Sideshow is the place to go for the perfect 1:6 scale figures of your favorite characters. No, that’s not actually Chris Evans at a photo shoot – it’s one of their photorealistic figures ready for display. Cool note: The packaging is resealable, so you super collectors out there can take them out of the package without ruining their value. Just make sure they are on shelves well out of reach if you’re a cat owner. Trust me.

There are more Funko and Sideshow Collectibles in the gallery below. If the 1:6 scale figures are “too cheap looking” for you, keep an eye out for the Premium Format figures. These are more museum quality statues for those of you that what an “adult-looking” home while still maintaining your geek cred.

So what do you think? Which of these Cap toys is your favorite? Are there any personal favorites of your own that weren’t listed? Let me know on Twitter or take your figures out of their original package in the comments below.

FEATURE IMAGE: Sideshow Collectibles
IMAGES: Gentle Giant;; Funko via; Sideshow Collectibles


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