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Chocolate Bunny Meets Its Doom From Alton Brown’s Giant Laser

“Do you expect me to talk?”

“No Mr. Bunny, I expect you to die.”

Normally when anyone is discussing Alton Brown, science, and food, they are talking about finally understanding how they’ve been making their scrambled eggs wrong.

This is not one of those times.

This is Alton Brown melting a chocolate Easter bunny with a giant laser. Why would Alton Brown want to use a massive laser to melt a chocolate Easter bunny, you ask? I’ll let him handle this one: “Because I can.”

Fair enough. I know that if I had this Goldfinger-esque laser I would definitely use it for the same reason–not for good or for evil, but rather for silly.

There actually are worse fates than having your head bitten off by a small child.

We should have seen this coming. Prior to his super villain destruction, Brown shared a photo letting the world know the bunny was not long for this world.

As ridiculous as this display was, it appears to be a promotional video for his upcoming tour, Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science, which starts this week on April 6th in Charleston, South Carolina. And apparently, the laser is going with him. He posted this photo last week along with this caption: “Part of prepping the new tour…laser placement.”

Make sure to hide your leftover Easter candy before you check if Alton’s coming to your hometown here (and also buy tickets).

What food item would you want to put under the laser? What about a non-food item? Satiate our desire to hear your thoughts by sharing them in our comments below.

Images: Alton Brown

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