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Episode 68: Chewin' It
World Cup Fever!

Chewin’ It #68: World Cup Fever!

As soccer passion consumes the world, Steve (a soccer aficionado) and Kevin (a soccer ignoramus) weigh in. The guys discuss Lemme’s beloved Team Argentina, growing up in a soccer household, soccer vs. other U.S. sports, and the infamous Dulce de Leche story.  Enjoy the CHEW!  (Can you find Lemme in the picture?!)

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  1. Lee says:

    Good podcast although as an Englishman i have to say that i hope Germany crush Argentina worse than they did Brazil and i don’t even like Germany. Also is Maradona still that revered in Argentina even after he turned out to be a drug cheat, possibly the worst manager they’ve ever had and a general all round idiot?

    • Don says:

      Answering you question: Nope, he is not. Not because he was a drug cheat (in fact he was never one he was just a drug addict, which it might have lessen his performance during those times ) but because his too arrogant for his own good and the poor decisions he made in his personal live. Still he’s consider a legend and everyone is very thankful for what he did as a football player. 

      Ps: Even though our countries kinda hate each other I really wanted England to do good in the World Cup and although it’s football an it doesn’t count I think England deserved to win both against Italy and Uruguay.

  2. Rai says:

    Correction: Maradona’s goals were against the English, there’s no British team outside of the Olympics.

  3. Glenn says:

    Dutchie here, talking post-match. 
    That was a terrible and boring match to watch and neither teams really deserved to win. Germany will probably beat Argentina in the finals.
    Oh and 
    Holland is 2 provinces in the Netherlands, the English started calling us Dutch because of the Deutsch Germans and it sounded all pretty much the same to them.Now I’m done being a slightly condescending and belligerent prick, I’ll go back to worshipping our Windmill overlord. 
    Keep these podcasts up guys.

    • Don says:

      Well in Argentina were saying that the Netherlands would probably beat us and look how that turn out :\ 

      Ps: keep Maxima

  4. Vincent_S says:

    Wow, I did not know Steve Lemme grew up as an Asian child. Will be listening soon.

  5. Raphael says:

    Just for correction, Pelé won 3 world cups, 58, 62 and 70