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Chewbacca, Mr. Incredible, Batgirl, Waldo, and Freddie Krueger Got Into a Fight in Hollywood

Here’s a real thing that actually happened in Los Angeles this week, because Hollywood (also people are crazy). Batgirl and Mr. Incredible got into it during a territory dispute on Hollywood Boulevard. The incensed Mr. Incredible had to be physically removed from Batgirl, who he went after fists a-blazing. Luckily Batgirl had three non-superheroes by her side: Chewbacca, Waldo (yes, of “Where’s Waldo?” fame), and Freddie Krueger, to help break up the madness.

Let us just repeat that little nugget for you: thanks to the folks at (who captured the doings), there is video of Mr. Incredible throwing down some rage-induced fisticuffs with Batgirl while Spider-Man, Chewbacca, Waldo, and a ton of terrified tourists looked on, unsure whether or not the whole thing was a pre-planned stunt or an actual act of irrational rage. And somehow Freddie Krueger saved the day (and the girl).

Don’t believe us? This is real, folks. As real as Hollywood tourist traps get, at least.

Now our question is: who do you think would win in this fight, if it was, y’know, an actual, honest-to-goodness fight between these several powers? Our money might be on Freddie Krueger, but also maybe Waldo (I mean sometimes he is VERY hard to find and hiding in plain sight is a very effective and important battle tactic).

So, just to remind everyone of what sort of things happen when you venture into Los Angeles’ version of Times Square, prepare yourself to find …exactly the sort of bullshit you’d find on the streets in and around that illuminated palace of commercialism — only instead of Elmo, it’s Mr. Incredible.

Who do you think would win if the fight between these characters was real? Leave your theories in the comments.

Image: KTLA

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  1. Waldo. Sometimes when you don’t have anything, you also have everything. Besides, it looks like he was teamed up with Freddie, so………!

  2. Autumn says:

    Chewie. Duh.

  3. the says:

    Well this beats my fan fiction all to hell. 

  4. Jason says:

    Let the Wookiee win.

  5. gymtastic says:

    Videos aren’t working on android mobile

  6. I like how the reporter is checking her phone at 2:30. Some might argue “well she is a reporter maybe she was waiting for some important news or something”. Well you just don’t check your phone while reporting the news… You don’t. It makes you look stupid and unprofessional.